So You Think Astrology Is Fake?

Upon Googling “why people don’t believe in astrology,” I came across this phenomenal article by QUARTZ titled “Astrology isn’t fake—it’s just been ruined by modern psychology” and I encourage you to take ten minutes out of your day to read it. That is, after you finish reading this article.

I am here to tell you that astrology is NOT fake. Forgive me if I sound scatter-brained throughout this. Astrology is one of my deepest passions in life. It’s my religion. It’s how I see the world. It’s helped me understand people on a deeper level. It’s helped someone as narrow-minded as me understand that some people cannot help that they are the way that they are, which is a powerful understanding. I want you to feel these things too. 

From my experience, every SINGLE person who thinks astrology is fake knows NOTHING about it. I’m serious. One time, someone was preaching about how fake it was and when I asked them what their sign was they didn’t know… Of course, not everyone is that ignorant, but most don’t know anything about it. Therefore, they deem it fake and look to psychology and “reality” to make themselves feel better about their lack of knowledge. Also, from my experience, I find that when I begin to explain the generic personality traits to a nonbeliever, they say something like “Wow that is actually pretty accurate.” The truth is, you are who you are because of the stars.

Did you know that your zodiac sign doesn’t even scratch the surface of who you truly are? Did you know that you have a zodiac sign for every single planet? And those planets represent certain aspects of your life and are ruled by different zodiac signs? Oh also, those planets are then placed into houses, and those houses have numbers. Depending on what number they fall in can determine a lot about your past, present, and future. There are also dominant signs based on your sun sign. Confused yet? Good. You have some research to do.

Still rolling your eyes? Well, think of it this way: Most people don’t believe in astrology because they either think that the description of their zodiac sun sign is too generic (which I find hilarious considering people barely know what their signs even mean), or because they can relate to half of their zodiac sun sign and not the other half. This is because there are layers, and various traits and placements within these layers. For example, your rising sign represents how the world perceives you and what you show to the world. Your sun sign is your overall personality and how you act and navigate life. Then there’s your moon sign which represents your inner mood, emotions, and how you feel when you’re alone. Then there’s your Mercury sign, Venus sign, etc. People are complicated okay? That is why you might not like theater just because you’re a Leo and why your best friend is a Taurus and not an Aries. Duh. I do believe that environment greatly impacts you, but I also believe that people have built-in personas that nothing can change.

Also, can we get one thing straight here? Tarot cards and psychics are NOT zodiac signs so let’s not even go there. 

We live our lives like a maze. A maze that forces us to navigate around people who we are not compatible with. A maze that brings us to people we love and care for. A maze that brings us to our careers and lifestyles. Depending on how the stars align, when you were born dictates how you maneuver through life’s maze. Everyone knows about “personality” but cannot figure out where it truly comes from. Hint hint. Now, you might be thinking, “My friend is also a Capricorn but we are complete opposites.” This is because you might express parts of yourself in different ways. Plus, the stars were probably slightly different when you and your friend were born. And don’t forget about the planets, houses, rulers, etc. 

The sun helps the plants grow, the moon pulls the ocean. Who is to say that the planets don’t effect our personalities as humans?

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