Deadpool: Paws – Dog-walking Deadpool-style

By: Corey Lack

Deadpool: Paws was a book in 2015 and focuses on the titular anti-hero mercenary as he seemly goes on a dognapping spree. The story is written a lot like a lot of the character’s comics where even in the middle of the violent action sequences, there are very comedic moments. Additionally, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall multiple times throughout the book, both earning big laughs from the reader and informing them on a number of different aspects of the story.

There isn’t really much to say about the characters for this one as there’s only really Deadpool to focus on and it’s a very short story. This story is made for fans of the character Deadpool, so if you aren’t a fan before reading the story, you probably won’t become one or be interested in it.  There also aren’t many crossover characters as there usually are in a Deadpool story, which I feel adds more chances at humor. Spider-man makes a short appearance, but beyond him, there aren’t really any really famous characters seen and he’s only there for about ten pages.

In terms of the plot, well, there isn’t much since, as I said, it’s a very short story, but the plot that is there is crazy, weird, and just all-around nuts. In short, a typical Deadpool story.

I’m not sure if I’d recommend this story to even really big fans of the character. Sure, it’s a fun and very Deadpool story, but a lot more stories out there that are much more entertaining. It’s a decent choice if you don’t have anything else, but I wouldn’t make a point of deliberately seeking it out. I’d give it 5 formerly puppy-monster puddles out of 10.

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