How ‘V’ Became the Most Popular BTS star

Kim Tae-hyung a.k.a ‘V’ is the super charming singer and songwriter from the world famous South Korean pop band BTS. Born in Daegu city and brought up in Geochang county of South Korea, Taehyung grew up in a not so privileged farmer family, but his mother and father both supported him to follow his passion in singing.

Despite having the fame of one the biggest K-Pop superstars in Korea, Taehyung considers his farmer father as his role model and aspires to be as caring of a family man as his father is. He also has two siblings, a small brother and a sister, whom he holds very dear to his heart. For Taehyung family, happiness and honour are the most important things in life.

His music career kick-started after he got selected in an audition conducted by top korean music label Big Hit Entertainment. In 2011, Bangtan Boys slash BTS was formed under the same label, but surprisingly, Taehyung was officially revealed as the last BTS band member in 2013. He co-wrote and co-produced global chartbusters such as ‘Hold me tight’ and ‘Fun Boyz’ under BTS, which stunned the south korean music industry with their huge success and even got ranked on the Billboards, and soon Taehyung became a global sensation. 

For reinventing the Korean Pop music, BTS has won numerous awards including the Soribada Best K Music Awards 2020, Golden Disk Award in 2019 & 2020, Seoul Music Awards 2016 and Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards 2014.

By the year 2018, more than 10 million copies of different albums from BTS have been sold, making it the most successful K-Pop band of all time.

Tayhyung’s popularity can be guessed by the fact that his debut solo song ‘Sweet night’ topped the US iTunes chart from its release and he is the only Korean artist after Gangnam Style fame Psy to rank no 1 at 2020s american and european iTunes charts. He is named ‘V’ as in Victory for his band and Jimin, his bandmate and lead vocalist from BTS claims that Taehyung has the highest number of girl fans among other members of the band. 

Being born on December 30th 1995, Taehyung’s just 24 years old but his net worth is said to be around $8 million, but as per our calculations considering his glorious reputation and him endorsing international brands like ‘Fila’ and ‘Gucci’, we believe his actual net worth is way more than $10 million. 

To give you some more cool info about Taehyung, here are some interesting facts that only hard core V fans know:

  • As per ‘Top 10 World’, V is 2020’s most handsome man leaving behind celebrities like Zayn Malik and Robert Pattinson. FYI, he also won the title in 2018.
  • If given superpowers, Taehyung would want to talk to cars and teleport.
  • Apart from being a charismatic singer and songwriter, Taehyung can play saxophone and even dance wearing high heels. 
  • V loves to watch anime, he is a big fan of the band ‘Girl Generation’ and does photography in his free time.
  • Inspired by the photography of Ante Badzim, he will soon be opening ‘Vante Art Gallery’ to showcase his photographic works and give tribute to Ante.  

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