Talon the Black by Melissa Mitchel

I have mixed feelings about this book. What really drew me to this book was that it had dragons. The synapse to the book made it sound really interesting. In reading the first few chapters it held my attention, then there were other times I felt the story was dragging on and on. At times the main character, Claire, was a great strong female lead with a snarky attitude. The only thing that didn’t make sense was Claire’s ability to take everything that dealt with dragons and Dragonwall so easily. It seemed a bit off since she was basically kidnapped from her own world, but at the same time went willingly with her captors. The fact the she started to make friends with her captors didn’t sit well either; especially when they wanted to kill her for a crime she didn’t commit without any evidence.  There were too many holes throughout the story and I could guess to easily what was going to happen next.

The world building was a bit mediocre. Some parts were ok in making the story move along, but other times there were parts that could have been edited out. At times the story seemed to drag on before the main plot was even reached. There was too much telling in the story and there wasn’t much interaction between Claire and Talon. Even though the title had one of the main character’s name I felt like he was more of a side character throughout the story.

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