Wishing for forever Summer

He’s not a gargoyle though he will do. Tucked away by early Forget Me Nots, a small and delicate Spring and Summer flower.There he sits welcoming Summer with dark brooding eyes. As if to see any happenings in the garden. Maybe a dragonfly will perch close by. A place of reprieve I wish for after winters long slumber. Now as we are in the Autumn season, he is there with wild Fall leaves drifting gently by him. Greeting them as well I’m sure. With each changing season it’s a loss and also a beginning. I mourn the loss of the colorful Fall leaves of reds and yellows and gold. I know Winter is more important than ever, with our planet showing the struggles of global weather events. It’s a cool down we need. All the while my companion sits in the garden waiting for the sun to appear again and Spring to show with early flowering surprises. How I wish for forever Summer however selfish that may sound. If that were to be true I do believe my companion would come to life and leave my garden. Seasons show us the continuation of time, just how fast like migratory birds visit before moving on.

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