The Stimulus

If you’re like me you frustrated at the perceived lack of concern from both the Senate and Congress over the Stimulus check that so many people had hoped for in October. Both sides want to add or subtract what they want to include. They fail to look at the people of the United States who really need the boost that another 1200.00 check can give individuals (I’m thinking of single people at the moment not married with dependents). I’ve never in my life seen on the evening news so many cars lined up for food boxes. That should be their first clue. I can only imagine how many small businesses have had to shut their doors thanks to Covid. The arguing between sides in the Government reminds of an old story my great uncle told me as a kid. It’s called “The Woodpecker” now I don’t know why he would tell me this story except to teach me the importance of generosity. In the story a girl is lost in the woods, she comes across a cottage with cookies cooling at the window. There is a lady, the girl tells the lady, I’m lost and so hungry can I have a cookie? The lady says, yes but then goes about deciding which cookie the girl can have.Hmmmm says the lady, this one is too big, oh, you can’t have that one it’s almost as big as the last one. Finally the lady puts away her cookies giving the girl crumbs left over from the tray. The girl looks at the lady and says, In your next life you will be a woodpecker always having to peck at trees for what ever you can find. With that the girl found her way out of the woods and her way home. I think our Government is so busy looking at what they can add without compromise that they have failed the average citizen who is struggling each and every day to make ends meet. I watch the sometimes glossed over news. Then I go at times to the city and look at all of the tents set up by the homeless. I feel it is a challenge, but if our Government can’t even seriously think of the people they represent all I can do is watch the bickering and hope by next year there won’t be even more people who are homeless.

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