“Howard the Duck” trends after former NFL player Chad Johnson mentions its one of his favorite movie

Former Bengals, Patriots and Dolphins player Chad Johnson made cult Marvel character Howard the Duck trend on Twitter after posting a picture of his favorite movie, the 1986 adaptation of the character’s story.

The film, produced by “Star Wars” filmmaker George Lucas, told the story of Howard the Duck, who is taken from his duck world into the human world. While in the human world, Howard befriends musician Beverly, played by Lea Thompson, and ends up facing off against an intergalactic creature who makes it his mission to take over the world. “Howard the Duck” was not very well-received in its time not even making back half its budget and receiving many bad reviews from critics. In the modern age, the film has developed a cult following and has even led to Howard appearing the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thanks to Johnson’s tweet, Howard the Duck has been trending on Twitter and letting many people discuss the duck in many ways from talking about the film, his appearance in the MCU and the absurdity of his trending.

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