What Will Be Available for PS5 on Day One

In a little less than a month, the PlayStation 5 will launch bringing PlayStation gamers into the next video game generation. The console, which will release Nov. 12, will be competing with the Microsoft Xbox Series X and S for the next must buy console. One of the biggest deciders for gamers in buying a new console comes in the games that are available at launch and throughout the console’s lifespan. To help out with those on the fence, here are all the games available to PS5 users from day one.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Bringing the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise to the world of vikings, “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” puts players in controller of Eivor, who players can pick to play as a man or woman. Eivor, along with their brother Sigurd, work to move their Viking clan into Anglo-Saxon controlled England. This puts the brothers in conflict with a range of different foes. Along the way, Eivor will join the order and become an assassin fighting for the Hidden Ones’ cause.

The PlayStation 5 version of the game will be released November 12, two days after the worldwide release of the game on other consoles.

Astro’s Playroom

Preloaded onto the console from the start, “Astro’s Playroom” follows the robotic Astro and his crew as they explore new worlds. The game, which is a sequel to the PlayStation VR game “Astro Bot Rescue Mission,” will showcase the features of the DualSense Wireless Controller.

Borderlands 3

Originally released for major consoles in 2019, “Borderlands 3” returns for the next generation of consoles. Returning players to the world of Pandora, the game follows a group of new Vault Hunters recruited to stop twins Troy and Tyreen Calypso and their cult from harnessing power from an Alien Vault.

For players who buy the PS5 version of the game, “Borderlands 3” will be given free updates and have all the previous DLC already available.


In this first-person adventure game, players become a newspaper reporter assigned to visit Snaktooth Island to investigate the Bugsnax, creatures that are half snack and half bug, after receiving a tip from a disgraced explorer. However, upon reaching the island, it is discovered that the explorer has gone missing leaving the player to help capture Bugnax and discover what happened.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

Improving on the 2019 game, “Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition” tells the original story while expanding on aspects for the next generation of consoles. In the game, Dante, Nero and V all work together to take down Urizen, who took Nero’s sword and arm. Now, the trio must fight through hordes of demons to save their city and defeat Urizen.

With the special edition, the game will feature improved graphics, all the previously released DLC included and a new playable character in Vergil, Dante’s brother, who has been playable in the special editions of “Devil May Cry 3” and “Devil May Cry 4.” The game will be only available as a digital purchase at launch with a physical release coming later.

Demon’s Souls

Remaking the original game from the ground up, “Demon’s Souls” brings players back to the kingdom of Boletaria. Players take control of an adventurer setting out to slay the demons inhabiting the land because of an attack by the Old One.

Destruction AllStars

In “Destruction AllStars,” players take part in a competition where the object is to destroy the other cars around the arena. The game takes a more fun and cartoony take on the “Twisted Metal” concept.

Dirt 5

Bringing the off-road racing game back once again, “Dirt 5” gives players a feel for driving in a new way. The game features a variety of locations from across the world and allows players to race in different kinds of weather conditions. “Dirt 5” also features a campaign mode where players become a rookie racer taking on their rival in a series of races.

PS4 owners of the game will be able to upgrade their copy of the game to a PS5 at no additional charge.


As to be expected, the insanely popular free-to-play game “Fortnite” will be available at launch for the PlayStation 5 with enhanced graphics made through Unreal Engine 4.


Set in a fantasy world separated by the different elements, “Godfall” puts players in the place of the last of the King’s Order as they fight to stop the apocalypse. The game has players fight against an assortment of different creatures and allows up to three players to work together.

Just Dance 2021

As always, “Just Dance 2021” will be available to provide more dancing fun for all players. This iteration of the game features songs such as “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd, “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I and “Juice” by Lizzo.

Madden NFL 21

Another yearly installment of a long-running series, “Madden NFL 21” tackles its way onto the next generation field. The game is said to feature new mechanics that help give players more control than before.


Mixing an RPG with the world of sharks, “Maneater” swims its way onto the PlayStation 5. The game lets players control a female bull shark on a mission to hunt down the television show star that disfigured her and killer her mother.

Marvel’s Avengers

Bringing the multiplayer superhero game to the PS5, “Marvel’s Avengers” takes the iconic heroes to the next generation of consoles. In the game, the Avengers have disbanded for years after an event they are blamed for causes deaths and people to gain powers. As the lives of superhumans becomes threatened, teenage superhuman Kamala Khan searches for the heroes to bring them back together.

PS4 users are able to upgrade “Marvel’s Avengers” to PS5 for free. PlayStation users also get to use console exclusive Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Continuing the story of the 2018 game, “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” allows players to play a newer Spider-Man. In the game, Miles Morales has been training under Peter Parker to become the next Spider-Man. Miles must learn to manage being a superhero fighting against new villain The Tinkerer while being a normal teenager.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered

Swinging into the PS5, “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered” allows players to return to the 2018 game in a new way. Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for a couple of years but now faces his biggest threat when many of his enemies team up and a new enemy threatens the city.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered” is exclusively available in the Ultimate Edition of “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.” The game features enhanced graphics and “The City That Never Sleeps” DLC.

NBA 2K21

The iconic basketball simulator is back once again with another entry in “NBA 2K21.” The PS5 version of the game features better graphics and has New Orleans Pelicans player Zion Williamson on the cover.

Observer System Redux

Remaking what has been called one of the scariest cyberpunk stories, “Observer System Redux” takes players into a dystopian Poland. Following detective Daniel Lazarski, the player is tasked with helping solve crimes in this dark world while using Daniel’s ability to hack into people’s minds.

The Pathless

From the creators of “ABZU,” “The Pathless” brings players into a mystery world plagued by a curse. The player takes the role of The Hunter who is tasked with helping fight off a curse that is taking over the land. Along with the way, the Hunter will go into different areas using her falcon and her archery skills to save the day.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Returning after a six year hiatus, “Sackboy: A Big Adventure” brings the lovable Sackboy from his 2.5d environment to a 3D one. As his world becomes threatened by an evil named Vex, Sackboy goes on a journey across different areas to stop Vex and his terrors.

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