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Sony plans to bring its hit PlayStation series to smartphones

Whatever Sony is planning is in its early days, but the company is hiring an executive at PlayStation Studios to focus on taking PlayStation’s “most popular franchises” to mobile platforms. Mobile gaming is the biggest gaming platform there is. If you’ve got a smartphone, you can play games. Recent hits, like Fortnite, have also proved that console-quality titles…

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What happened at Ubisoft Forward?

Besides everything leaking beforehand. Last night Ubisoft put on their E3 style show called Ubisoft Forward and honestly, it wouldn’t be E3 style without massive leaks. There was nothing they showed that hadn’t either been leaked beforehand or they had previously announced It. It was all exciting and nice to see but Ubisoft has some…

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The Last of Us: Part II

Polarizing Opinions on Naughty Dog’s Most Recent Release ((SPOILERS AHEAD)) The Last of Us: Part II released almost a month ago now, on June 19th, and has been marred by controversy ever since. Naughty Dog, the developing company of the game, did much to hide the game’s biggest spoilers and the general plot line for…

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Sucks To Suck Bro!

But wait, cancer isn’t my fault you might say. “Die in a fire or give us six digits in medical bills” is effectively their reply. You are now in a position, where that which is not your fault is held against you at maximum penalty. You didn’t know? “Suck to suck” is the canned reply.

"sucks to suck buckarooni"

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