Whatever Sony is planning is in its early days, but the company is hiring an executive at PlayStation Studios to focus on taking PlayStation’s “most popular franchises” to mobile platforms. Mobile gaming is the biggest gaming platform there is. If you’ve got a smartphone, you can play games. Recent hits, like Fortnite, have also proved that console-quality titles are now possible on smartphone hardware.

Sony also has a raft of hugely popular franchises to tap into, from Uncharted through to Horizon: Zero DawnThe Last of Us and more — although the latter might already be getting enough attention with recent rumors of a remake swirling.

While Sony titles made for mobile are a rare occurrence, Sony did try before, in the early days of Android smartphones. The Xperia Play, with slide out gamepad controls, fizzled out back in 2011. It could play an array of original PlayStation games, as well as offer physical controls for other mobile games without the need for a peripheral. Unfortunately for die-hard gamers, it never quite gained traction. A 10-year gap, then, sounds like long enough to give smartphone gaming another chance.

How many people are waiting for this to come to mobiles

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