Why I like Urban

Why do I like the simplicity of a city? At first glance this looks like a building without life. There are no trees, flowering shrubs any where near. Yet as I took this photo I didn’t know I’d get the reflection of windows cast in the sunlight from another building I was in. It gave the building a surprising character. I wondered about this building, what was it used for? It looked empty. I looked at it for awhile, there were no signs of life, no lights a few windows had curtains. This is an old building and since I am not an architect, I imagine this is a 1920’s structure. At another time maybe it was used a lot. It looks worn, yet still has character of a time long since past. It’s important in Urban areas to keep our history of old buildings. It shows the progression made in society, having an old building next to a more modern one gives a charm to an neighborhood. I also like the simplicity of this. It shows me the past still makes it’s presence known.

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