An Intro To Vanner, An Influential K-pop Boy Group

K-pop has become more mainstream internationally of late. Even more so than years prior. In layman’s terms, K-pop is taking the world by storm. There are dozens of idols that are constantly at the top of most-popular lists and even award shows across the world. Of course, they are all amazing, but if you keep looking, past the bright flash of light sticks and drown out the shrieks of obsessed fans, you find a plethora of up-and-coming groups. These specific ones are not as well-known as those that may have been creating music years prior, but they are nowhere close to being less talented. They work just as hard, sometimes even more so, in order to make a name for themselves. One such group that I am incredibly honored to have found, and even had the chance to speak to in person, is the K-pop group Vanner.

Comprised of five members, each with their own set of exceptional vocals, Vanner has become a force to be reckoned with. They made their debut appearance on the 14th of February in 2019 under their management company VT Entertainment. Although they had not debuted yet, throughout the year 2018, they ran a lot of promotions in Japan to expand their fanbase. The group consists of Taehwan, Gon, Hyeseong, Ahxian, and Yeonggwang. They each have their own special talents and ways of making the group whole.

Vanner’s style varies, allowing fans to revel in their amazing abilities. They each have their own position in the group, such as leader, vocalist, visual, dancer, and rapper. For the majority, they are all able to cross these lines and perform precisely.

This group has vitality when it comes to their style. The colors of their hair are constantly changing, causing them to stand out brightly and gain more attention. A few examples are the vibrant blue hair of Taehwan, the glistening crimson hair of Gon, the blinding blond hair of Hyeseong, the iridescent green of Ahxian’s hair, and the smooth sandy blond hair of Yeonggwang. Each time the group comes back with a new song or album, fans are constantly waiting with bated breath to see what new style the members will have. It is a fun game to try and guess what colors the fans will be able to see next.

Better Do Better” is Vanner’s debut song. The Music video shows the members having a party with one another, drinking champagne, eating great food, and trying to gain the attention of a pretty girl. Overall, the upbeat tone, the great vocals, and amazing visuals, sets up this video beautifully. It is exciting to watch every time, whether that is the first, or the hundredth.

Not to mention the song, “Purge Day”, before the post ends would not do this group justice. It is a popular song and just as the title alludes to, it has very much a Purge vibe with the first few sounds being the alarm for the beginning of the purge. The song has a strong flow and is great for a workout, or one to keep the motivation going.

If there is any chance, even the slimmest, that I have peaked your interest towards this group, please give them the attention that they so much deserve. These individuals have worked exceedingly hard at producing the best music and performing the most exceptional concerts even during these crazy times. If you are interested, you can follow them on Instagram here, or Twitter here. They post almost daily, in between their hectic schedules and always have time for their followers. They support their fans just as much as the fanbase supports them. Look forward to their next comeback soon, and make sure to keep an eye on them as I am sure they will be taking the world by storm.

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