Just in time for Halloween, Audio-Up unleashed the first two episodes of their creepy new podcast, Halloween in Hell, on Monday. The podcast follows fictionalized versions of rapper 24KGoldn and rocker Dana Dentata through a music competition in Hell, hosted by the Devil, played by Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe. iann dior, who appeared on 24KGoldn’s recent hit “Mood,” sings the podcast’s theme song, which proclaims, “in Hell, it’s always Halloween.”

The podcast begins with 24K and Dana sitting in a cab on the way to a soundcheck, when their driver makes a detour and they wind up in Hell. The Devil insists they sing for him and a slew of judges, and the better performer will return to Earth, while the other stays to suffer in Hell. Along the way, they meet indie singer phem, who plays a production assistant, and rap-rocker Machine Gun Kelly, who the Devil’s associates kidnapped and brought to Hell. MGK, 24K, and Dana team up to try to find a way back to their normal lives.

Machine Gun Kelly told iHeartRadio how the project came together, explaining, “Jared [Gudstadt of Audio-Up] came with the whole vision and script, I just lent my voice. It’s sick to hear a podcast with sound design and a score/soundtrack like it’s a movie.” MGK asked Tommy Lee, who he portrayed in the 2019 Mötley Crüe biopic, The Dirt, to join the cast as the Devil. 

One of the podcast’s standout features is the camaraderie between the cast, which shines in various conversational moments in the first two episodes. Machine Gun Kelly seems to have had a big role in casting the show, since he has worked with most of the actors. He collaborated with phem on “5:3666,” “Burning Memories,” and “Sorry Mama,” iann dior on “Sick and Tired” and “nothing inside,” and Tommy Lee on The Dirt. Coincidentally, 24KGoldn and iann dior’s “Mood” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 the day the podcast premiered. 

The cast spoke to Alternative Press about their experiences recording the podcast, with phem sharing about its relevance, “We’ve all been home this year, so this is the perfect way to spice up quarantine and give us some holiday cheer at the same time. The script is hilarious, and the music is really good. It’s also a cool way for us to be creative as artists without having to just put out records. I think this project is extremely adaptable to the current climate of the world, and I appreciate the experience that it brings to music lovers everywhere.”

You can listen to the Halloween in Hell podcast and its original soundtrack on Spotify now.

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