‘Saturday Night Live’ Takes on the First 2020 VP Debate

The first Vice-Presidential debate sparked several conversations all over social media. Specifically, Vice-President Mike Pence interrupting Senator Kamala Harris, and a fly ending up on Pence’s head. This sparked a lot of conversation on social media. Pence received criticism for his constant interruptions, and memes of the fly on his head.

Last week’s episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ decided to take on the debate. Featuring main cast member Beck Bennett as Pence, and former cast member Maya Rudolph as Harris.

The sketch was pretty hysterical, if I do say so myself. I already was a huge fan of Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris, but she took it to a whole other level. Entering with music and Lysol disinfectant, openly describing her expressive facial expressions and body language, Rudolph brought her signature “fun aunt” persona to Harris. She spoke Spanish to “Nevada, Arizona, some parts of Texas”, and smiled at Bennett like she “was in a TJmaxx and a white lady just asked if she worked there.”

Beck Bennett has always been one of the more low-key cast members of ‘SNL’, however, his Pence impression really shines here. When asked about coronavirus, his immediate response was “dammit”, he vocally admitted he was “stalling hard”, and admitted his greatest fear was jazz. It’s almost scary how accurate I find Bennett’s impression. Bennett’s monotone voice and outrageously honest answers were hysterical.

Kate McKinnon always manages to steal the spotlight in all her skits, even though her Susan Page impression was supposed to be in the moderator who’s not really paying attention role. I especially laughed at “I missed book club for this,” and “one of you works for Patient Zero.”

‘SNL’ is no stranger to doing skits about current political issues. They have even brought in several guest performers, and former alumni to impersonate some politicians. Alongside Rudolph as Harris, actor Alec Baldwin has been portraying President Trump since fall 2016. Former head writer, Tina Fey, notably portrayed Alaskan Senator and VP candidate, Sarah Palin, for a stint of episodes in fall 2017, which received rave reviews.

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