The Firm (1993) – Tom Cruise Runs a Lot In This One

The Firm (1993) is a movie starring Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman about a young lawyer who joins a prestigious firm only to find out it is hiding a dark secret, based on a John Grisham novel. This movie is a legal thriller. So why does Tom Cruise run so much in it?

If you don’t know, there is a bit of a running joke that Tom Cruise has it in his contract that he gets to run in all his movies. It’s fun, ha ha, whatever. He, recently, has done mostly action movies so of course he runs in them. But… this is not an action movie. Yet, he runs. A lot. Like, so much my brother, who I was watching it with, even commented that the movie “had a lot of long distance running.”


I legitimately have no opinion on the movie. My mind is still trying to figure out how they managed to fit so much running in the movie. I guess the fact that the running is the only thing from the movie that has stuck with me is a pretty damning review. But, that’s all I got. End of review.

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