The Perfect YouTube Channel For This Halloween

Everyone is fangirling over this up and coming YouTuber who goes by the name Corpse Husband. Why you may ask? It’s because of his abnormally deep voice.

Recently, more and more people have heard him through his playthroughs of the viral video game “Among Us” including other YouTubers and Twitch streamers. Many have remarked on his extraordinary voice and even going so far as nicknaming him “Deep Daddy”.

His main channel named Corpse Husband features tellings of real horror stories fitting well with his rich tones, acting out the story without need of his face. Corpse Husband is one of many YouTubers who choose to remain considerably anonymous by leaving his face out of frame. There are few people who have seen what he looks like and the Internet can only base their assumptions on his Youtube icon and hand pictures (yes you heard me right.)

Corpse Husband’s current YouTube Icon featuring half of his real face and half of Frank the Bunny’s face from the movie Donnie Darko.

When being interviewed by Anthony Padilla, a fellow YouTuber, in his video “I Spent A Day with Faceless YouTubers” he stated that his content benefits from his anonymity “Especially with horror narration people get to use their imagination a lot and it’s a lot harder for people to be scared by something I guess that they know what it looks like. ” And it shows.

You’re being guided down these rabbit holes (no pun intended) of stories singularly with the use of his abnormally deep voice paired with the deep emotions that he portrays through words alone which are enough for you to fully immerse yourself in the scenery that he creates and connect to the characters without the need for visuals. As I mentioned before, almost all of his stories are real so all these factors combined make an incredibly terrifying experience.

Because of COVID, many have decided to skip out on trick or treating and, rightfully so. But one way to keep the Halloween spirit in the safest why while still having fun is to stay up late at night, turn off the lights, have some snacks nearby, turn on your laptop and start binge-watching Corpse’s videos. I’m sure your night will be just as spooky and entertaining as past Halloweens.

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