FEVER333 Jump the Barricades with New EP, Virtual Demonstrations

FEVER333’s Wrong Generation EP via https://wallofsoundau.com/

FEVER333 have an arsenal of singles and an explosive debut album from 2019, STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS. Their latest call to arms is their single “Bite Back”, released on October 18th, ahead of their upcoming EP Wrong Generation, which is due out THIS FRIDAY, October 23rd, 2020. 

Frontman Jason Butler (formerly of Letlive) hit the pen and paper and wrote the latest FEVER333 collection of songs during thirteen days of the uprising in American in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

“This project is art as activism first. I’m talking about what’s happening and what needs to happen. I hope you understand there’s going to be pain in progress. After dismantling and deconstructing all of these things, we can find a beautiful place to be together. For me, this whole EP is that 13 days after 34 years. You fucked with the WRONG GENERATION.”

In the world that has developed under social distancing protocols, virtual gatherings have become the norm, be it for work meetings or a social night with friends. Musicians have also adapted by streaming shows for fans, either on a secluded stage or from the quiet safety of their own homes. But FEVER333 aren’t known for their quiet and tame performances and are putting on livestreams referred to as Global Virtual Demonstrations, or D333MONSTRATIONS. Starting the Friday of Wrong Generation’s release, there’s a virtual demonstration set for the London/EU timezone, then cycling around the globe via time zones for Los Angeles, Sydney and Tokyo, New York City and South America, Moscow, and finally Chicago and Mexico City. 

Ahead of the virtual events, Butler spoke about the event and thanked fans ahead of them by saying that, 

“We are so thankful for our allies from all over, so we wanted to find a way to give back to every part of the world that we were lucky enough to reach during our last album cycle. We want to offer a new type of live experience during this pandemic period. Exclusivity to each region, actual live in the moment filming, no edits, utilizing a brand-new direct audio feed, making each demo feels as live as possible in an era where the traditional live performance is seemingly unachievable.”

This isn’t the band’s first virtual performance, either. Back in June, they put on their livestream performance Long Live The Innocent to help benefit the Minnesota Freedom Fund  and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Global Virtual Demonstration dates:

10/23 London 8pm BST / Europe 9pm CEST

10/24 Los Angeles 8pm PST

10/27 Sydney 7pm AEST / Tokyo 8pm JST

10/28 New York 9pm EST

10/29 Moscow 9pm MST

10/30 Chicago 8pm CST / Mexico City 8pm CDT

Virtual tickets can be found here 

And FEVER333’s EP Wrong Generation can be found here 

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