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S1E2 – Election Overload with Los Angeles Councilwoman Jan Perry On The Ground Level

Jan served as Los Angeles City Councilwoman for the residents of District 9 which includes Downtown Los Angeles, Little Tokyo and South LA. During her 12-year tenure she led catalytic projects such as LA Live, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and the new Police Administrative Building. She brought in $15 billion in investments, $52 million in net new tax revenue for the City of Los Angeles, and approximately 90,000 full-time jobs. She prevailed in her efforts on downtown projects such as AEG, garnering city financial aid and favorable zoning for Staples Center, subsidies for new hotels, and her support was crucial to the L.A. Live complex of theaters and restaurants.She also spent more time focusing on Skid Row than any other official had. She has dealt with property owners, human rights advocates and the LAPD. Her years in office also saw the development of more than 5,670 units of supportive housing to shelter the homeless and people suffering from mental illness and substance abuse. Jan addresses the core issues of homelessness, affordable housing, issues within local government, policy development, and social justice. Jan has many other accomplishments, missions, and projects that are currently assisting the community of LA, and many other already moving parts so please visit her website JanPerry.Com for more information. Special Thanks to Jan Perry for being a guide to the For Us community since attending our 2019 MLK meetup at the Bayou Grille in LA. Questions:  You have done, and still do, meaningful work within the community…What projects or acts would you say is your “On the Ground Level” activism? What are your thoughts on this 2020 election period? Have you experienced anything like this before? If not, what makes this election season so different? Can you speak more about the “Reclaiming my Time: Get Out and Vote” event with CongressWoman Maxine Waters that you are working on? Do you have any advice for our listeners regarding politics, voting, or activism? All of the above? This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
  1. S1E2 – Election Overload with Los Angeles Councilwoman Jan Perry
  2. S1E1 – On The Ground Level, Ep1

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