An Update on Meghan Trainor’s First Child

Pregnant Meghan Trainor Reveals Sex of 1st Child With Daryl Sabara

Ever since her single All About That Bass, released in 2014, singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor has gained a large fanbase due to her retro styled music and her acceptance of all people, regardless of their body. After her marriage to Daryl Sabrina in 2018, Trainor has recently shared some exciting news that has fans going wild.

On October 7, Trainor had announced that she and Sabrina are having their first baby. Just a few days ago, however, Trainor and Sabrina had appeared on a sneak peek of an upcoming episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show with some more exciting news about the baby; they are having a boy! “We’ve never told anyone until now…I saved it for you, Kelly…I love you”, says the singer.

Despite knowing the baby’s gender, Trainor had explained her uncertainty of having a baby shower. “I don’t know when to buy stuff”, says Trainor. “People want to buy me stuff, but I’m like, ‘I’m gonna have two cribs? What do I do? Help me.'”

Ever since her engagement to Sabrina, Trainor has been very excited about having children. She even stated in an interview with E!’s Daily Pop: “I want triplets! I want to get it all done at one time and be like, pop them in there. You know what I’m saying? Let’s knock it out. Let’s do it at once. You and me. I want twins or triplets.”

Fans are gushing to learn more information about the child. For example, when is the baby due? What is the baby’s name going to be? Also, what specific feelings is Megan Trainor experiencing from giving birth and how will these feelings replicate during the baby’s upbringing? Nonetheless, Trainor is very excited and elated to be married to a man like Daryl Sabrina.

“It’s the beginning of an awesome, new life”, Trainor told People Magazine. “I got way more than I ever wished for.”

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