Sephora Advent Calendar Series: #2 — Voluspa Mini Candle Advent Calendar

Although best known for their makeup, beauty, and skincare, Sephora offers slightly different variations in products sold at their stores. Among the lesser-known are hair tools, sunscreen, and even candles. Voluspa, a high-end candle brand based in California, regularly offers their products for sale at Sephora year-round. For the holidays, they have “luxuriously crafted and presented set of 12 uniquely scented votive candles featuring favorites from the Japonica Collection.” The set of candles costs $75. Is this 12-day candle advent calendar worth it? Let’s take a look at the breakdown.

Credit: Sephora

Part of what makes Voluspa candles so pricy is the fact that they are “ecologically sound” and do not contain pesticides. Further, they are all made with a coconut-wax blend. Although they do not particularly market their brand as luxury, the prices and quality of the products are definitely higher grade than other candle brands; so, that may be important to keep in mind.

The set contains:

  • 12 Japonica votive candles (1 oz.) in 12 different scents:
    • Santal Vanille
    • Panjore Lychee
    • Japanese Plum Bloom
    • Santiago Huckleberry
    • Goji Tarocco Orange
    • Spiced Pumpkin Latte
    • Baltic Amber
    • Gilt Pomander Hinoki
    • Yashioka Gardenia
    • French Cade Lavender
    • White Cypress
    • Spiced Goji Tarocco Orange

To compare, the regular mason votive candles for sale are $9 and contain 3 oz. of product. So, the price per ounce is exactly $3. In contrast, the price per ounce of each votive candle — and also the price of each of votive candles in the advent calendar, themselves is $6.25. That is $3.25 more per ounce. The total value for the advent calendar, then — based off of regular pricing — works out to be about $36, $39 less than the sale price.

Final Verdict: Not worth it.

This advent calendar may seem like a great gift for the candle-lover in your life (maybe even you!), but it doesn’t make sense financially. While the ingredients that go into them are admirable and feel-good, it doesn’t excuse the fact that the prices seem significantly high for a minimal amount of product. Even if this were a way to get customers to try the brand out, it is outrageously expensive for what is actually in the set. Alternatively, buying a few of the regular mason votive candles from Voluspa, or even larger candles from other brands for a fraction of the cost will definitely make more sense in terms of putting your money to good use.

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