Songs That Gives Us Goosebumps

Remember that song that got you through a tough time in your life? Go back to that song. Yes. Do it. Listen to it now no matter how many years later. My song still gives me goosebumps and I do feel a similar ache in my chest that I felt then. However, it allows you to feel how far you have come. You made it. I bet looking back, what might have felt impossible then was actually possible. You made it through when you didn’t think you would. If you listen to the song today, you will feel how strong you are. You are no longer the person you once were. You are stronger and probably feel like you have gone through so much since. Yet you keep living, because you’re strong. Let this song remind you, if you made it through tough times before-you can again.

My song is “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran. It was a time in my life I was handling the most mental stress. I felt trapped and alone inside of my own mind. I wanted to have someone save me and give me love. However, I not only realized after all these years that I got through the tough time by showing myself love. I did not have to keep it in. I could give myself love and love to others. I could give love and that felt good. I was in control of myself, it did not matter what anyone else did. I could nourish all the relationships in my life and by me making efforts in all my relationships, made my friends happy and more joyous too. Love is a virtuous cycle. You give it, someone else gives it, and so on and so forth. When I asked my friend if she had a song that still gives her goosebumps even after all this time, she had an answer too. She was handling a lot her senior year of high school and a bad home life. She looks back on her song like I do mine. It’s a reminder of where you’ve been, but also a reminder of where you’re going. You survived and you will continue to survive. You’ll become even stronger this time. 

Leave your song and story below 🙂

Ashley Smith

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