Which is worse: School or Distanced Learning?

I’ve always found Regular School as a pain and irritation that threw a wrench in my daily festivities. Though now, the new implementation of “Distanced Learning” has caused me to contemplate which of the two I dislike more. So, I decided to conduct a fair amount of research to find out which of the two I, along with many other High School Students, feel about these options.

I firstly began by looking into a few of the pros and cons within the two. Beginning with regular School, it allows for students to interact with peers and receive help and instructions immediately and without delay- usually. Now for the cons: school restricts you to being contained in a single building for hours on end, ranging potential of negative interactions occurring between two or more students.

Then, I did the same pro and con debate with the Distanced Learning situation. A few of the pros are: having the ability to have class wherever- including the comfort of your own home, eat whenever you deem fit. As well as, if your teachers allow for having both video and audio turned off, having the opportunity to sleep through an array of classes. As for the cons (there aren’t too many) the main issue I end up running into is not being able to have an adequate expansion to my intelligence. Basically, it’s hard for me to engage in learning due to teachers having less tools at their disposal that they usually teach students with.

So, based off of pros and cons alone, Distanced Learning is placed much higher on the preferences list than regular schooling. Though, I then decided to interview a couple of school buddies in attempts to draw out a more defined contest. But before I could begin interviewing my school friends, I realized that to complete this task I needed to have an assortment of friends prior to asking them for their opinions on this matter. Thus began my quest for friends and such- although that’s a story for a later blog.

I ended my investigation into this question by asking a friend of mine for his assessment of this debacle. And he stated the following: “both. Online school is easy to get blasted with work but you go at your own pace, well when school’s out. In real life school the pace is set and they try to leave you with homework- but the social interaction and enjoying lunch with friends is nice.” -R.P.

This account left me with a neutral feeling for both types of schooling. And thus brought me to weigh out the overall structure of both. Basically, thinking about which one I enjoy more. And when all is said and done, I do enjoy sleeping in and strategically planning to overcome the regular schooling system. Therefore, I must say that, if I had to choose one, Distanced Learning would be the more welcomed of the two.

In the end, both are unenjoyable and I would prefer to participate in neither of the two. Thank you for reading this short preference based Blog, it was just an idea I had and decided to act on it and bring it to something greater. Besides, with all the hostility and anger that’s transpiring recently, I feel that we all need to remember about the little things and really enjoy living life. I hope for a positive life and good health for you, the reader. Until next time. -R.G.

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