Notable Flaws in both Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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With the conclusion of the second and final Presidential debate, the vote between who won the debate is very split. While this debate was far more controlled than the first Presidential debate (though it that really saying much?), there were still some traits about each candidate that should be taken into consideration when casting votes. Here are a few examples:

Trump Had A Stronger Understanding Of The Questions: Although some of Trump’s answers did not directly relate to some of the questions asked, there was at least some correlation. For example, when asked about immigrants being separated from their families, Trump answered more generally by explaining what the administration has done as a whole. While it is not directly relating to family separation, Trump at least shows he is attempting to look after People of Color. Biden, on the other hand, had minimal knowledge of what was being asked. The biggest giveaway was when moderator Kristen Welker asked Biden about whether raising the minimum wage might hurt small businesses and Biden asked for small business bailouts. To which Trump replied, “He said we have to help our small businesses, by raising the minimum wage, that’s not helping”. Biden’s minimal knowledge of the questions may hurt him in the election and fixing the economy.

Biden Made Better Comeback Lines: Even if Biden was more confused on the questions, when debating Trump directly, his responses were far more valid and diverse. One example was when being asked about COVID-19 and Trump said, “We’re learning to live with it” and Biden follows up by saying “We’re dying with it”. Furthermore, Trump makes allusions to Abraham Lincoln to aid in his campaign. However, Biden shuts him down by saying, “Abraham Lincoln is one of the most racist Presidents we’ve had in modern history. He pours fuel on every single racist fire.” Trump’s responses to Biden, however, were more repetitive and desperate such as “Who built the cages, Joe?” and “You had eight years to do that, why didn’t you?” Therefore, in terms of debating face-to-face with each other, Biden emerged victorious.

Trump Interrupted Less Than Biden: Good Lord, it’s a miracle! The American people never thought they would see the day when President Trump could keep his mouth shut during debates! Yes, Trump did interrupt Welker a few times, but in terms of letting Biden speak, Trump was far more respectful, even more so than Biden himself. Biden kept interrupting Trump by saying “That’s not true” and “Post it on your website.” Perhaps it was because the microphones were muted, but this was a massive improvement for Trump, especially after the debacle of the first debate.

Biden Sounded More Professional: As both are running for the Presidency, professionalism plays a strong role in how they address the American people. Biden had sounded like a professional candidate, giving responses that previous debates would have given. Trump, however, seemed to believe the debate was one of his rallies and gave answers as such. For example, he had mentioned Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” and called Alexandria Ocasio Cortez by her initials AOC. Also, on “catch and release”, Trump had said, “Those with the lowest IQ, they might not come back”. No candidate should berate anybody like that, let alone when they are the President, and Biden was more professional and respected toward America than Trump.

Trumps Arguments Were Harsh and True: There is still a difference between speaking professionally and critiquing somebody. Trump had stated many times prior that Biden is not mentally able to take on the role of President due to his confusion with the states and the US Constitution. (by the way, Biden got the first sentence of the Constitution correct in this debate) During the debate itself, Trump gave Biden remarks such as “You can do better than that” and “You’re just a Politician”. Biden “attacked” Trump by doing no more than calling him a “clown”. While attacking each other may not seem professional, Biden should’ve went after Trump more as Trump had called him names such as “Sleepy Joe” and claiming he “locks himself in the basement”. The debate was a great opportunity, but Biden did not take advantage of that.

Biden Showed More Heart For The American People: In both the first debate and the final debate, Biden had showed more care for the American people by looking into the camera and saying “You at home”. For example, when addressing COVID-19, Biden says, “You folks at home will have an empty chair at the kitchen table this morning. That man or wife going to bed tonight and reaching over to try to touch their- out of habit with their wife or husband will be gone”. Another example was when Biden and Trump were debating their families’ corruption allegations and Biden says, “It’s not about his family or my family. It’s about your family”. These examples show Biden making a connection with the American people and showing more care and sympathy for others. Trump, on the other hand, did no more than answer the questions and debate Biden rather than provide reassurance for “You folks at home”.

So the question remains: Who won the debate? Both candidates have their own set of strengths and weaknesses and by judging the behavior of both candidates, we hope the American people can use these factors to make their decision up to November 3.

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