10 Halloween Dollar Tree DIY Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner and although there won’t be trick or treating, our homes can be decorated inside and out. I have here DIY Halloween decorations that are using Dollar Tree items. For those who do not know what Dollar Tree is, it is a dollar store where every single item you purchase is a dollar, some items have tax while others (food) items do not. The DIYs I will show you will incorporate ideas of décor that is fitting for the home, I will include brand names of some of the dollar tree products they carry. Not every single item is from dollar tree, some items you may buy from online or other stores however, the majority are dollar tree and can help save you money.

  • Candelabra

A spooky décor that compliments any fall theme tablecloth is this special candle. The Dollar Tree items that you will need are two black chandelier décor and two glass candle holders. You will need black spray paint and to spray the candle holders and let them dry. Next, unravel the chandelier décor and use a hot glue gun to glue the chandelier pieces on top of each candle holder. Simple as that!

  • Crystal Ball

Are you into fortune tellers because this next decoration is sure to compliment your table center? First the Dollar Tree items for this DIY are a cat food dish, plast6ic snow globe, silver wire LED lights floral garden brand. To begin you will spray paint the cat food dish black and let it dry. Next, you will put in the LED lights into the plastic snow globe and place the filled globe into the cat food dish. The LED lights come with a battery pack, so all you must do is place it underneath the dish.

  • Spooky Celestial Candles

Another great center piece idea. The Dollar Tree items for this piece are River Rock candles and goo gone adhesive remover. Start off by using the goo gone adhesive to remove the label of the River Rock candles. The main base for these candles is already black. To customize the candles, print out various Halloween images of your choice that are a good size to fit onto the candle. Lastly, cut out the printed images and use a glue stick to apply the labels onto the candles.

  • Jack-O-Lantern Coffee Mug

This is the simplest DIY you can do, and it only requires a mug, which you can get at Dollar Tree or at home, and dollar tree decal stickers of a pumpkin face. You get a glue stick and apply the stickers onto the mug and voila!

  • Halloween Pumpkin

The items for this decoration are Dollar Tree wooden sticker set the craft squares brand and a velvet pumpkin from the same brand. First, color the wooden stickers black on one side, you can do this in various colors such as orange or green, your choice. Next, hot glue the wooden pieces onto the pumpkin how ever you wish. (In this image only the wooden bat stickers were used.)

  • Ghost Spoons

The two Dollar Tree items for this decoration are the 4piece set of spoons from the cooking concepts brand and glass paint brush marker form color factory. All you will have to do is draw the eyes and mouth with the paint brush marker on each spoon to make them look like ghosts. These spoons can be placed in a basket or vase as display pieces.

  • Jack-O-Lantern candle

This decoration takes a little more time, but the result is superb. The Dollar Tree items for this are jack o lantern tea light holders and tall white glass candles. First you melt the candles in a large pot filled with water and boil it slowly. Make sure the wax in the candles doesn’t cave in and it liquifies completely. Once the candles are completely melted remove the wicks and hot glue them into the jack o lantern light holders. Next, pour the wax into each lantern and let it cool and cut the wicks so they are shorter.

  • BOO Blocks

The Dollar Tree items in use are crafters squares brand of wooden boxes, acrylic white paint, poster stickers and pompoms. First, you paint the wooden boxes with white pain. Next, you use the poster stickers and glue them onto the boxes once they have dried. You can spell out any word or phrase and can use as many boxes as needed. Lastly, use the pompoms and hot glue them in between each box, you can use any colors you want.

  • Outdoor Décor

This décor can go on the door outside or inside your homes. The Dollar Tree items you will need are self-adhesive hooks and Dollar Tree décor of spiders or pumpkins. First, apply the hooks onto the sides of the door, make sure that there are two facing each other vertically. Lastly place the Halloween decoration of your choice in between both adhesives. This is easy and requires zero cleanup after the holiday is over.

  • Halloween Wreath

The Dollar Tree items include a wire wreath, boa feathers and googly eyes. First you will wrap the boa feathers around the wire wreath using hot glue and repeat this process until the wreath is completely covered. You will add googly eyes on the front of the wreath with hot glue. You can include teeth by cutting paper or cardboard and hot gluing them from behind the wreath, or you can customize your wreath with extra googly eyes.

I hope you enjoyed all these DIYs and that you will add your own spin of creativity to make your Halloween memorable.

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