Netflix’s Latest Horror “Cadaver” is a Disappointing Mess

Halloween is drawing near, so of course I want to watch a bunch of horror movies. I love horror, and so I was immediately invested when I first heard about Netflix’s Cadaver. The film is a Norwegian horror set in a post-apocalyptic setting where food is scarce, and people are struggling to survive. A strange hotel owner invites the starving people for a night of entertainment with a show and a huge meal, which raises the question–where did all the food come from?

The film starts off promising. The setting is as grim as you would expect in a post-apocalyptic world, the music is somber and atmospheric, and there’s a sense of dread as you wait with anticipation of what’s to come.

What does come is disappointment.

Not giving away any spoilers (though, to be frank there aren’t many due to the plot being predictable as hell) we follow this family who visit a hotel in hopes to find entertainment in their sad lives. Somehow, the family’s separated, and the other hotel guests disappear too. There’s a mystery of what’s going on and where everyone had gone, but, as mentioned before, it’s predictable so it’s less of a mystery and more of a slog as we wait with impatience for our main character to figure what the audience already figured a long time ago.

It’s annoying when you can pinpoint the twists , and it’s more annoying when the film makes a big deal out of it, as if we the audience are supposed to be super surprise. Well, the “twists” that the film offers aren’t surprising. They’re dumb and it makes the film look dumb. Not to mention, it raises a ton of plot holes. And I counted plenty.

It’s a shame because the introduction was so promising. We got a chilling atmosphere, suspenseful music, and a intriguing premise, but it all spirals into a catastrophic mix of nonsense and stupidity. The plot holes are glaring. The characters aren’t interesting. The world building is confusing when you really think about it, and there doesn’t seem to be a conclusion. It ends on an ambiguous note, and sometimes that can be fine in other movies, but in this one it just didn’t work.

Overall, Cadaver is a mediocre horror film with a very predictable plot. What starts out as a cool premise dissolves into a disappointing slog fest. It’s not the worst horror film I’ve seen, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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