Let’s Drive the PCH…and Vibe

If you were to meet Lorenzo Anzoleaga, better known as Lega Z, you would never guess that he was filmmaker by day and a song writer/music producer by night. He has a quiet demeanor and can have a real, deep conversation with you in the middle of a party. However, stick him on stage or put him in front of a camera and a spark ignites. 

Lega Z went to school and pays the bills through filmmaking. You can find him both in front of the camera and behind it but that’s not his passion. Music is.

L: “July of last year I was like, ya know what I’m gonna focus on producing music for a month. Just as an exercise to see where it goes. Doing that gave me life. That one month turned into a year and now this is something I’m trying to do full time…It’s fun. I love it. It’s a challenging process but it’s life giving and I love to see how people resonate with it.” 

In less than a year, he’s released three songs and a music video – all of which have a following of 2K+ followers and growing. 

His music hits on a subject everyone relates to – relationships. The beginnings of them, the high of being in the middle of one, and the hurt when one ends. 

L: “Relationships are very big on my mind right now. If I can be real for a moment, you go on social media and see people from high school who are getting married and having babies. It’s kinda sucky. Those feelings come out. It’s very…I can’t be the only one feeling these things.”

And he’s not. 

He’s managed to mix an upbeat sound while working through hard relationship topics. 

L: “I’m drawn to more bright upbeat sounds – things that make you want to dance. When I wrote ‘Vibe With Me’ I wanted it to feel like you were driving down the PCH with the windows down. These are the things that make me feel good. I come from a hispanic family and we come together for any reason and play cumbias. I loved seeing how music made people feel. I want my music to hit people the same way.”

Lega Z is also into helping new artists. His Instagram account is filled with videos teaching people about how to make music. 

L: “It was beneficial to me to find things like that [when I was starting out] so I want to share what I’ve learned over this short journey. It helped me to really grow to find that content and I want to pay it forward. It’s all love and why can’t we just help each other grow?”

As he looks toward 2021, Lega Z has big dreams for his career.

L: “I want to continue to do what I’m doing but on a bigger scale. Extend the reach of those who hear my stuff, those who resonate and relate to it. It’d be fun to do shows and tour. I love performing and that’d be fun. Obviously, I would love to work with Charlie Puth and Bozzy.”

But overall, his advice for anyone wanting to get into this business is:

L: “Have patience. This takes time and you’re not gonna be good day one. Have fun. Sometimes we can be caught up in the numbers and streams and at the end of the day it should be fun. Don’t lose the passion for the music. Be a sponge. Don’t be afraid to learn. I scoured the internet for information about everything. These are the things I try to remind myself everyday….Overall keep enjoying the journey.”

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