Nia Ray What is Love Anyway project review

Nia Ray is a South Florida artist that is creating some buzz. Nia Ray first started garner attention earlier this year when she released her cute and colorful single “Lowkey.” Now Nia has returned a few months later with her highly anticipated EP “What is Love Anyways.”

This six-track Ep starts with an extremely funky, uptempo song, “Sober,” where Nia explains how she feels addicted to her new man and their relationship. Things take an unexpected turn as the next track, “Too Far Gone,” Has Nia having second thoughts on her relationship as she questions whether she is too damaged for her man, whether her past still traumatized her, or if her man can understand her. A woman’s intuition is an unfair cheat code because as soon as Nia start’s to have second thoughts about her relationship with Darren( Just a name I made up for story purposes), he stops putting in effort in their relationship. Things continue to excastle as the project goes on, rumors of cheating, arguments, random pull-ups, people feeling the distance love, etc.. you know, the classic toxic relationship. But Nia does something most people won’t do after a break-up; well, won’t do immediately after. On the last track of the album “WLR,” Nia accepts what happened and decides that mistakes happen, and it’s ok. Nia questions what love is anyway, as she comes to terms that even though it didn’t work out, she still loves him and would do it over again.

Nia Ray, Even though she is young, showed a lot of potential on this project. The R&B singer show’s her singing range, her ability to write relatable lyrics, and her ability to evoke certain emotions in her fans as she paints her picture. What is Love Anyways is a debut project that Nia Ray can build off of while still finding her sound. You can stream the EP on all music platforms.

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