The Magnificent Nine – Jayne’s Past Returns

By: Corey Lack

The Magnificent Nine is the second book in James Lovegrove’s series of novels taking place in the Firefly universe. Where the first one focused on the past of Malcolm Reynolds, this story focuses on Jayne’s past. An old flame of the brutish member of the Serenity crew contacts them that a vicious gang is attacking farms on the planet she lives on. Turns out she isn’t alone as her daughter is also in danger. Her daughter who happens to be named Jane.

This book had Joss Wheadon serving as a consulting editor and it really shows as the characters were once again written just like they were in the show. Each of them sounded just like they did in the original show. The characters, Wash and River, received a surprising amount of screen time and I greatly enjoyed it since they were two of my favorite characters from the show. That said, Jayne is certainly the one that had most of the focus in the book as his background was further developed.

In terms of the plot, well, it reminded me just how dark this show could sometimes get. The villain in this book is without a doubt the most evil and sadistic of the villains that I’ve seen in this show, the reavers being the only exception. In terms of the plot overall, as you can probably guess from the title, there are certainly connections people could make with the Magnificent Seven movies. The overall premise is very similar as well. The crew stands up against an overwhelming force of bandits that are seeking to wipe a town off the map.

Honestly, there’s not much more to say about the book. If you liked the show, then you’ll like the book. As someone who liked both, I recommend this book. I’d give it 9 ugly wool caps out of 10.

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