Killer Klowns from OuterSpace a Good Movie?

In the 1980’s the trend of cult horror films, the movies that were low budgeted and didn’t make much, managed to find an audience of horror geeks. These “trash classics” define the 80’s horror to many fans of this movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space. The title alone may seem intimidating to those who are horror buffs, but it is quite the opposite. The actual film is not as scary or gruesome as the title may appear. This movie is creative, creepy, and well designed and created by the brothers Charles, Edward, and Stephen Chiodo; this was the B movie that made them known.

The Chiodo brothers are known to specialize in animatronics, puppetry, stop motion and clay modeling. They have contributed to the films Critters and Team America: world Police to the Simpsons and Elf. However, the movie Killer Klowns is what people refer to them as since they all worked together on this film.

The story is simple: A small town is terrorized by a menagerie of aliens that look like creepy clowns. They have a spaceship that happens to look like a circus tent. Their motive is to harvest humans as food which they wrap up into what looks like cotton candy. As a viewer you can’t help but find it amusing that these so called aliens are depicted as clowns, something comical and joyous on earth.

The “klowns” themselves are brought to life via instantly iconic, grotesquely bulbous rubber suits that give each individual klown a distinct, lumpy personality. The heart and soul of the film is present in these costumes and the level of commitment shown to making every possible aspect of their presentation conform to the theme. There’s death by pie-to-the-face, living balloon animals, a giant marionette “klownzilla” and more creativity on display than in half a dozen other clown-related horror films. Where so many others rely entirely on Stephen King’s It and coulrophobia in general to get the job done, Killer Klowns from Outer Space is trying as hard as it can to be memorably absurd.

The “gruesome” scenes in this movie were to bring amusement yet creepy vibes. From doing shadow puppets that devour citizens, punching off a person’s head, and turning corpses into puppet, and drinking blood from a crazy straw. There is no limit to the silly portrayal of these grotesque Killer Klowns from Outer space.

If you are a horror movie fanatic or even just a B movie fanatic, Killer Klowns from Outer Space brings out a certain disturbance form the way they look and their actions throughout the entire film. And of course, if you fear clowns it will give you a little bit of that fear.

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