School of Rock (2003) – God, I Love This Movie

School of Rock (2003) is peak Jack Black. Which is to say, its a fantastic movie.

School of Rock is a 2003 comedy about a down on his luck musician that pretends to be a substitute teacher to make money, only to find out his students are great musicians and makes a band with them.

I’ve watched this movie so many times, and every time I love it more.

I have never seen a movie that utilizes Jack Black’s talents more. In this movie he gets to sing, play guitar, do his wacky shtick, and jump all over the place. Not only is he singing, but he’s singing rock songs, where Jack Black’s incredible voice really gets to shine. And he’s playing rock songs on the guitar, where his talent really comes through. And, he gets to do his whacky Jack Black stuff, running around and yelling, for the entire movie. It’s incredible and I love it with all my heart.

This movie could’ve just been a wacky comedy about Jack Black being a substitute teacher and still have been fondly remembered by most. I mean, this scene is one of my favorite scenes in any comedy ever. The amount of times I’ve quoted this one scene with my friends is extremely high.

But no, they decided to go even farther and has some truly incredible music scenes. And, we should expect nothing less from Jack Black. This scene from the climatic Battle Of The Bands helps highlight how good the music is in this movie.

I give School Of Rock 10 Jack Black stage dives out of 10.

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