Kris Wu – The Ultimate Scorpio

With the world being thrown into chaos around us, we find it difficult to take a moment and just be thankful that we are here. To acknowledge how far we have come and make a promise to be better. Today, I decide to pause, and spend what little free time I have in honoring the birthday of a profound human being. He has accomplished incredible tasks throughout his life, even though he has had major setbacks. With a plethora of companies backing him as their global ambassador, and hordes of fans spanning country after country, Wu Yifan—also known as Kris Wu—is becoming more of a household name.

As November 6th grows near for those of us in the Western hemisphere, fans of Kris, also given the name Meigeni, that reside in the East are already celebrating. Today marks Kris Wu’s 30th year on Earth. As Meigeni from all walks of life and countries of origin share their reasons for loving Kris, those who do not know him, are beginning to take notice. With hashtags honoring Kris’ day trending number one in countries such as Myanmar, Indonesia, and Iran, posts about the Chinese-Canadian is taking the world by storm.

This post is about honoring who Kris is today. I will not delve into his past, but instead focus on his most recent accomplishments. Better know for his music, Kris is also an actor, producer, model, and now, even a racecar driver.

Meigeni knew this long before, that Kris has an incredible love for cars. Recently, he has delved more into the competition of the professional motorsport. He is known for saying “To love cars to the extreme is to race.” With high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton and Bvlgari under his belt, it is only natural that he would choose Porsche as his brand to showcase. “Cooperating with Porsche is the best choice for me to start my professional racing career,” Kris stated.

With big dreams from his childhood pushing him on Kris relentlessly trained for more than five months, learning the best techniques to racing. He recently made his debut as a professional racer in the Porsche Sports Cups at the end of October. Of course, with his undying devotion to the sport, Kris Wu ended up walking away as a double champion in both of the GT4 class races for the Porsche Sports Cup.

Kris Wu winning the Porsche Sporting Cup

Achievements such as these are the reason his name is becoming more well-known. He puts all of his effort into learning a new craft and honing his skills. He makes sure to always accept Meigeni’s gifts and to acknowledge them.

There are dozens more achievements that Kris has procured, but they will take up too much time. For today let us all come together in honoring his birthday. Saying congratulations that he has made it through another successful year, and hope that next year will be even more so.

It is time to focus on love and being kind to one another.

Kris Wu – November Rain

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