Cute polish: Amazing Nail Art Channel

Sandi Crystal is a Youtuber who has posted nail art videos since 2010.

Sandi’s YouTube channel Cute polish keeps her viewers up to date with the latest nail art designs, DIY nail techniques, and nail polish styles that are currently trending

Cute polish has opened their platform to Youtubers Juli, April, Becca, and Erin, who collaborate with Sandi to create daily nail art content every week.

Juli whose YouTube channel is called Jaunty Juli and was created in 2011. Juli does nail tutorials, tests products and nail art for her channel.
April Ryan’s channel was created in 2014, it is called Red Iguana. April administers nail art and “how to do: nail videos of all kinds. She also has a Facebook blog called Red Iguana that is up to date with nail content.
Becca resides in Canada and started her channel in 2011. Most of her nail art tutorials consist of Kpop artists and groups. Becca also creates adorable, aesthetic, and pop culture nail art. Her channel is called notyouraveragenails; Becca is an artist, art blogger and Kpop fan.
Erin’s YouTube channel is NailsByErin, and she posts her own nail tutorials since 2013. Erin has her own blog and Pinterest account where she documents her nail art.

Their art provides many seasonal trends such as spring, summer, fall and winter designs. Other nail videos include holiday designs, tips for easier nail application, at home tools and remedies to get the best nail application results and designs.

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