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A Beautiful Mess

*Warning: for matured audiences only. This is a complete work of FICTION. I watch him intently as I lick and suck on my lollipop, waiting for him to acknowledge my work. He loosens his tie when he walks in, wiping his tainted fingers in a handkerchief I bought from Sally’s. I cross my bare legs…

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Crescent Moon Village

This story does follow any sort of in depth narrative, I was just messing around with some ideas of imagery that I've had with my friends character, Massacade. I hope you enjoy! (Character Massacade belongs to GuardianAngelAli on instagram)

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The Endgame

I’m sitting on the couch with my legs spread wide open, arching my back, biting my lip, drawing his eyes to that area between my legs, the one he can’t resist. He bites down on his tongue from moaning, beads of sweat appearing just above his brow. I watch his Adam’s apple move as he…

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Becoming a Well-Cultured Individual

Well-cultured people have a lot of knowledge about the world. They’re well rounded individuals who are intelligent and limitless in their abilities. Some may see these people as Bourgeoisie (Boujee), but they’re self aware and appreciate valuable experiences and cherish unforgettable moments. It can be problematic lacking in certain areas because it can hinder abilities…

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A Little Letter to My Exes

Dear My Ex-Lovers, Don’t think it’s a privilege that I’ve written about you. Don’t think it’s an honor that your name casts behind the beauty of my work. You’re not allowed to take credit for my words. You’re not entitled to praise to others that you have inspired the pieces of art. Let’s not lie…

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The Art in Nakedness

I become aware of his naked presence beside me, opening my eyes from a dream I can’t recall. His broad chest rises and falls against me, his arm sprawled across my back. His breaths are heavy, his spirit is light, and when I shift my posture, his hand adjusts; caressing the length of my spine…

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