Translation and culture, a constructive interdependence

Well-cultured people have a lot of knowledge about the world. They’re well rounded individuals who are intelligent and limitless in their abilities. Some may see these people as Bourgeoisie (Boujee), but they’re self aware and appreciate valuable experiences and cherish unforgettable moments. It can be problematic lacking in certain areas because it can hinder abilities to grow. So, I made the decision to start developing new interests. Here’s my take on how to become well-cultured. 

1. Read, Read, Read– The benefits of reading are endless. Reading enhances your writing skills and introduces you to a wide range of topics and ideas. Reading can spark interests you never knew you had and it keeps your brain sharp. Not only should you read more, but read various genres. Maybe join a book club. When it comes to becoming well-cultured, invest in books about travel, different languages, art, holistic health, wine, etiquette, and history.

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2. Travel and study a new language– There’s so much of the world to see. We are in the midst of the global COVID-19 Pandemic and many people are unemployed, creating financial difficulties. So, it can be hard to travel, not to mention risky. However, some people still choose to travel and take all of the necessary precautions to stay safe. If you have the means to do so and you aren’t afraid, travel to a new country. Sure, go to another state, but another country can be essential to your well-cultured journey. If you don’t want to take the risk, gain knowledge on new places by reading books related to them. Read about the main points of interests, the food, the history, the people, the trends, the designers/artists, and the music. Study the language of another country. New languages can help open doors to career opportunities and new found friendships/relationships. New languages can be quite intriguing and fun to learn.

3. Visit museums– Museums can grasp anybody’s attention in some way. They hold so much value in every object and piece of information. To begin, if you don’t do this already, visit your local museum(s) to better understand where you live and the culture of your hometown.

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4. Connect with people of various backgrounds– Whether it may be with others from different cities/states, ethnicities, races, religions, neighborhoods, or interests, connect with different individuals to help widen your horizons in general. This can also be a great networking tool. Building relationships with those that have different experiences from us can give us new perspectives of life and the world.

5. Consider living in a different environment compared to where you currently reside if possible– Our neighborhoods and living conditions can feel like a trap at times if we don’t explore enough of new spaces. If you’re on track financially and have a list of goals set whether short term or long term, depending on what’s feasible, add moving to a new place to your list. Try not to be too content, particularly if you’re very young.

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6. Pick a form of art to study and practice– Writing, cooking, singing, music lessons, painting, acting, photography, dancing, and other forms of art can help us express our inner thoughts and can relieve repressed stressors. Study and practice something that’s unique and allows you to get in touch with your creative side. Don’t take yourself too seriously and art is an exciting way to feel alive.

7. Mind your manners– Being polite goes along way. You never know who you may come into contact with and what opportunities may be presented, so having the proper etiquette skills can help you thrive. Learn the importance of code switching and know your environment. Understand that code switching doesn’t mean that you’re fake, you just know how to adapt in different situations. There are things that are appropriate for the occasion, while others aren’t so appropriate or appealing. Listen more than you speak, observe others and conversations before jumping into them, be a bit mysterious.

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8. Study economics to understand how everything works– It’s important to understand trends in the economy. Economics affect our daily lives and it has an impact on businesses, our homes, the government, and much more. I highly recommend reading this book: The “Es” of Business- Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics by Dr. Daniel R. Hogan, Jr. I’ve attached an article on the importance of economics.,distribute%20them%20among%20different%20people.&text=Indeed%2C%20economics%20is%20an%20important,and%20the%20desire%20for%20efficiency.

9. Balance your television/movie/music interests– We all have our personal favorites when it comes to entertainment. Sometimes, we have to deviate away from what we’re most comfortable with in order to expand and be better individuals. It can be healthy. Don’t discard what you love, just add something new to the mix. If you enjoy sitcoms (taped in front of live studio audiences, follow situations that indulge in comedy), add in a television series (constantly follows storylines, may last 40 minutes to an hour, can be dramatic, romantic, action, crime based, etc.). In terms of movies, if you gravitate toward biopics/dramedies/action-dramas/horrors, stick to that and add in documentaries or something else. Do the same with music. If you listen to Country Western 24/7, try R&B. Make it vary.

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10. BONUS: World issues– I’m not sure if this would constitute as a part of becoming well-cultured. If you have something that you’re passionate about, spread awareness about it, donate to the cause, and/or attend events related to it. You may want to be a part of making some changes. If you don’t have anything specifically that you’re passionate about, research/discover something different. Educate others on the topic: AIDS, world hunger/child hunger, poverty, mental health issues, and so on. Note that there are ways to promote change that don’t involve contributing an immense amount of money. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference you’ll be making. 

Take chances in life. Be adventurous, be imaginative, be open, be clever. The world awaits you!

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  1. Yes. Well written. I agree with you completely and I’ve tried to live my life accordingly. Keep inspiring all of us.

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