10 Instagram Artists Who Deserve Your Follow

With social media becoming a massive tool for creators worldwide, it’s easier than ever to find artists with a unique, unexpected vision. These ten artists use various mediums to create their own worlds, build on existing ones, and mold opportunities to escape the one around us.

1. Autumn Alwood

Autumn Alwood creates colorful pieces full of whimsy and fun, with a retro, nostalgic flare. They share their process on YouTube, blending traditional and digital art seamlessly.

2. Miles Johnston

Miles Johnston is a fine artist specializing in surreal, dimensional portraits. Switching between ink, pencil, and paint, each piece exhibits a stunning attention to detail and the human experience.

3. Lauren Ward

Lauren Ward, better known as fx_freak, is a face and body painter who recreates beloved film characters, as well as their own takes on monsters. 

4. Eli St. John

Philippines-based Eli San Juan, who posts as Eli St. John, is a fashion illustrator who posts original designs and redesigns of well-known characters, such as Ariel and Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Their vivid work has even inspired some followers to cosplay as their illustrations, bringing even more life to the art.

5. Paul Rentler

Paul Rentler specializes in pop art-inspired collages and screenprints, putting a fresh spin on retro styles and well-known franchises like Marvel. He recently worked with D.C. and Dark Horse Comics on limited edition variant covers for comics like Young Animal.

6. Giulia Ghersi

The world of Julietta Heart, created by Italian artist Giulia Ghersi, is one of magic and vibrance. Influenced by fairytales and media like The Secret World of Arrietty, Ghersi brings life and mysticism to each piece with impressive details and rich watercolors.

7. GiGi’s Lab

GiGi of GiGi’s Lab is a digital artist who specializes in fun portraits that combine muses with their interests, reminiscent of starter pack memes. They also draw stylized versions of characters from shows like Stranger Things and singers like Melanie Martinez.

8. Shanna Van Maurik

When layering multiple layers and shades of paint, it’s easy for a piece to look heavy or daunting, but it’s virtually the opposite for Shanna Van Maurik, the Canadian painter behind nogobed. Van Maurik creates vibrant, alluring pieces that celebrate life and nature, and even works touching on dark topics like death still radiate light.

9. Johanna Goodman

Johanna Goodman’s colorful, often surreal, collages have been featured on the cover of Glamour, as well as receiving a feature in National Geographic. Goodman plays with scale and shape to create eye-catching pieces, often making statements about environmental conservation and politics.

10. Berber van Gorp

Mixing texture, color, and collaging, the art journals on berberrz draw inspiration from musicians like Taylor Swift, YUNGBLUD, and Billie Eilish. They capture the lyrics and emotion behind each sonic muse while also feeling original and personal.

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