The Mind Of A Writer

The term “mad scientist” came from Frankenstein’s Monster and it is rather old school, yet it has stuck with people for generations. But what about “mad writer?” Even though this is not a popular term, or a term that has been used at all, I am deeming it to be true. Despite my rambling, I believe that writers have much different minds than other people. 

 The mind of a writer is unlike any other because it is the purest way in which we cannot express ourselves. This is not to say that writers cannot express themselves without writing Because we don’t know who we are. But rather, we have too many thoughts and too many feelings to talk about face-to-face or out loud. Writers need to format their thoughts in an organized fashion to feel better about them and to be certain that what they are feeling is accurate and logical. 

Some writers like to express these internal thoughts and feelings through novels while others like to express them through poems, short stories, essays, or anecdotes.  The truth is, writers are dark. They are honest. They are unique. And sometimes, they make no sense at all. I mean, have you read James Joyce’s books? Again, this is not to say that they have feelings inside that they need to let out and that the only way they can do this is through writing. But rather, they are not afraid to write what some people might think. And they are not afraid to expand peoples minds into the potential that we all have. 

Reading books that “don’t make sense” or where “nothing happens” does not mean that the book is bad. Trust me, I hate admitting this because I have my share of books that I believe are really bad. Lord Of The flies? To The Lighthouse?  However, I cannot deny that these authors are pretty spectacular in their own ways. Some authors just don’t make sense to YOU. Meaning, you don’t connect with their internal thoughts and feelings and your mind remains closed to how they portray themselves. That is okay. Everyone is on different wavelengths and needs to find how they relate to the world and to themselves in their own ways.  

Overall, literature is disturbing, funny, dark, lighthearted, creative, suspenseful, and everything else under the sun. Thanks to all of these mad writers, we live in a world where understanding concepts beyond our mental capacity is more real than ever.  

Take some time today to write something down. 

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