How to Treat Trump Supporters After He’s Lost

It’s fair to say that the election results have put a lot of Trump supporters on edge. While it’s easy to simply dismiss their outrage as being sore losers, and believe me Trump supporters do make it easy with all their baseless claims of voter fraud, it’s important to realize that any negative actions towards these people is counter-productive for moving forward.

I feel like you can separate Trump supporters into two categories: reasonable and too far gone. It’s easy to understand why some people voted for Trump in 2016, and why they support him now. People are sick of establishment politicians, which, let’s be honest, Biden is yet another establishment type Democrat. People wanted a dramatic change so badly that they were willing to elect Trump. Those people can be reasoned with if you just explain to them that Trump’s four years have just been more of the same Republican nonsense and nothing has changed. Just because Trump talked like a “regular person” doesn’t mean anything if his policies don’t reflect that. These people might be afraid that Biden is “far left” and a “Socialist” That’s utterly ridiculous. Biden will govern pretty much like a 1990s’-stype Republican. There won’t be any “radical change” even if Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate.

Continuing that point, these “socialist” ideas people are afraid of aren’t even radical at all, and they sure as hell aren’t socialist. All of that is for another topic, but it annoys me how these terms have been tossed around in recent years by people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Seriously, I saw a video of a Trump supporter who said that Socialism is just a P.C way of saying Communism… That person is too far gone.

On the other hand, there’s a large amount of Trump supports who really are racist and buy into all the hateful rhetoric that Trump is famous for. These people can never be reached. Any logical argument you try and give them will be dismissed as “fake news”, most likely created by the Jews. These people are easy to spot; just spend a few minutes talking with them and you’ll know if they can be reasoned with, or a total white supremacist.

During this transitional period, we should reach out to the rational Trump supporters and explain to them that everything will be ok. Biden is not a socialist/Marxist/communist/anti-Christ, the police won’t disappear, and we won’t completely destroy the borders to let in “criminals and rapists”, as Trump calls them. There is no more hateful rhetoric and division, at least not from the up-coming president.

As for the others, just sit back and watch as they confuse mail-in ballots with illegal ballots.  

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I earned my M.A in English Lit from Gardner-Webb University in 2019. My writing mainly focuses on disability positivity. I enjoy sci-fi, fantasy and classic rock. Oh, and I’m also a part time phone sex operator. So, that’s a thing.

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