Supernatural: Nevermore – A Poe-ful Episode in Novel Form

By: Corey Lack

The book, Supernatural: Nevermore, was published back in 2007 and written by Keith R.A. DeCandido. As a big fan of the tv series, having seen every single episode at least once, and a long-time fan of Edgar Allen Poe, I was very interested in reading this book. The story starts out with the boys heading for the Big Apple, New York City, as a favor to the mullet-headed, former MIT student, Ash, who asked them to deal with a ghost in a friend’s house. While they’re in town, they stumble upon another case where people are being killed in ways that reference some of Poe’s stories.

The story spent most of the time seemingly being pulled in two directions as the brothers try to deal with the problems. This isn’t necessarily a good thing as it became hard to focus on one case as I was reading through it and, since none of the players for either case overlapped, it would always take me a few seconds to remember who they were dealing with when they switched focus again.

The Winchesters were written pretty well when compared to their tv counterparts. They were believable as the brothers, though Dean’s love of classic rock was mentioned so much that, at times, it just felt like the author was just trying to take up space on a page. That said, Dean was still the flirtatious joker and Sam was the sensitive and focused one, just like they are in the series. At times, however, the events of the story and even the characters just fell a little flat, especially on the couple of occasions where there seemed to be overly detailed explanations.

The main niggle that I have with the story was when they were discussing their father, who, by this point, is dead. They reference supernatural creatures that don’t show up until very later in the show. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve seen every episode and since this book was clearly made for fans, they would likely have similar minor issues with the idea of their father teaching them to hunt golems or killing dragons when the brothers didn’t know they existed when those monsters in the show. Again, this is a small issue that I had and didn’t ruin it for me.

So, the book Nevermore was a decent novelization of the Supernatural story. It’s written similarly to an episode, though it wouldn’t be one of the better ones with the minor issues that pop up throughout the story. That said, you could do worse than this one. I’d give it 6.5 drugged orangutans out of 10.

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