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Can You Hear Her?

There is this roar inside her body, a ghastly bellow inside her mind. And all she wants to do is listen to that rage and follow its howls, stand on the ledge of a ten story building and fucking scream. “AHHHHHHHH!” she shouts at the world, belts the wounds out into existence. It takes so…

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Damaged Goods

The damage struggle. The unwanted, unneeded, always left and abandoned—struggle.              We struggle to adapt to this life, stepping on carcasses as they rot from beneath, solidifying their death, knowing life is filled with pain and bile, turmoil and debris. We struggle to find our worth, if we are enough for one, for us, never wanting…

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The Mind Of A Writer

The term “mad scientist” came from Frankenstein’s Monster and it is rather old school, yet it has stuck with people for generations. But what about “mad writer?” Even though this is not a popular term, or a term that has been used at all, I am deeming it to be true. Despite my rambling, I…

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