We Don’t Need You

One of the worst things a man can do is underestimate the capabilities of a woman.

Some men despise a woman’s ability to call them out on their bullshit. They shrink like little boys at a rally because their ego can’t handle the truth. But in order not to let the truth be told, they resort to emotional abusive behaviors to tear us down as if we are nothing but fuzz on a sleeve. Women have the ability to see the boy inside the man, but God forbid we announce his childish ways; we are suddenly thrown into the corner of the basement, as we are gaslighted and abused by the teeth, nipped at the cheek and scraped by the throat. How dare we acknowledge your projections, how dare we reject your sarcasm as a defense mechanism; to not deal with your shit!

Since my reluctance to fear men is seen as such a threat, let me speak on behalf of most women who wish to slash out men’s throats so they actually listen.

We don’t need you.

Let me make that clear.

We. Don’t. Need. You.

Do you really think you are doing us a favor by entering our vicinity? Do you think you are saving us from drowning in a ocean of constant oppression and exclusivity? You would love to think that your presence holds some divine significance in the eyes of God. You would love to think that you are meant to become a hero, to rescue this poor woman who sits at the bookstore, minding her God damn business! Do you really think we women just sit in our rooms, waiting for a prince to snatch us from underneath our feet and ride us off into the sunset?

This idea that women need to be saved, that women need to be fixed, needs to end. We were doing just fine before you had the audacity to disrupt our peace. We were more than capable to pick ourselves back up from the trauma we received. We brought children into this world and I’m sure as hell we can nurture ourselves back from death. But your lack of confidence in us, the lack of empathy and courage you regret to learn and incorporate into our bodies, and the inability to leave us the fuck alone as if sliding into our DM’s and personal space is a compliment, is utterly distasteful and perpetually horrific.

Do not underestimate us.

Your role as a man is to love, support, encourage, respect, guide, and provide. But because society has wronged you of this position and taught you to be nothing other than an arrogant, narcisstic, egoistical, little bitch, it’s not particularly your fault. But let me say something that will irk your little mind and defile your ego.

Get your fuckin’ shit together.

The gaslighting, criticisms, judgments, abuse, aggression, sarcasm — the lying and cheating and hitting and screaming — are all fuckin’ projections of the childhood you fail to perceive. Hate me for going to therapy, but at least I have the ability to admit that it’s fuckin’ okay not to be okay. At least I have the balls to receive the guide, tools, and resources I need to fully become my best, at least I’m doing the work.

You come into women’s lives reeking havoc, projecting all of this aggression you have towards your mother, your father, projecting all the validations you needed as a child, projecting all the pain and hurt by overpowering women’s voices and controlling their lives because that’s apparently, what we need.

And why would we need that? Why would we need you to cause increasingly more detriment when we were initially better off without you? Why would we need you when we were living our best life without the additional baggage you brought?  You can’t even conceptualize the amount of damage you are causing women, even if we tell you you’re hurting us, even if we drive a stake through your flesh while you continually gaslight and accuse us of being sensitive. We never needed you.

And your inability to see that, is a problem.

Now I’m not one to condone violence. But I don’t blame women if they resort to the act. There’s going to come a time where you’re not going to like when a woman realizes her full potential, when your toxic behaviors become too much for a woman to bear and will eventually, achieve the power you desperately attempted to suppress. It doesn’t take much to reach such authority, and trust me when I say, those knives in the kitchen, they look too tempting to the eye. Lorena Bobbitt might have claimed temporary insanity, but a switch could have clicked; Mr. Bobbitt crossed a line, didn’t deal with his shit, and whoops, there she went.

In that case, I give my condolences to the men who meet their fate.

But I’ll make sure to stop by your graves.

And give Lucifer my best.

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