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It’s Going to Be Okay

There are times when she would stand in front of the shower, just as she did as a little girl, and let the warm streams massage her shoulders. She would feel the water kiss the arch of her neck, the length of her spine, trickling down her torso until the water turns cold, until her…

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How Do You Calm Your Anxiety?

I, well, submerge myself within the water, drown my naked soul within the sea. They say water, because of its soothing properties, soothes the soul. And I can’t argue with their notion, well aware of the peace it always brings to me. I took a “Mindfulness for Anxiety” course during a time where I couldn’t…

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3 Unorthodox Ways to Destress

Do you ever get he feeling the world is pressing into you on both sides, like you’re a marshmallow in-between a s’more sandwich? Well, this pandemic has certainly thrown the world and it’s people into a scrambling tizzy of pressure and confusion. The ways that the world has gone wrong in the past six months…

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