Phora Helps others with their mental health after stabilizing himself on ‘With Love 2’

We live in a world where vulnerability can be somebody’s greatest strength and also their greatest weakness. This saying holds for music artists as their best music usually comes from them speaking on personal problems that make them seem human. Music artists are, idolized, some people see them as perfect figures, but Phora wants you to see him as a flawed human.

Phora has been working on his music for years, but with the release of his latest project, ” With Love 2,” you can see he’s starting to earn the respect of his peers. This project features some heavy hitters such as Danileigh, Toosii, Ty Dolla $ign, Jhene Aiko, and Kehlani. Phora opens up about all of his fears and flaws throughout the project. Phora makes it very clear that he deals with the same issues we all do, fake love, fake friends, Depression, Anxiety, heartbreak, being traumatized from his past, and many other things. Phora does a service of putting his features in their own space to shine without dimming his light, as you can see on tracks like Traumatized, Stars in the Sky, and Expensive Taste.

The best tracks on the album were the more heartfelt, retable tracks that Phora is known for such as, Fake Smiles 2, Sinner Pt.4, Destiny’s Song, and (my personal favorite), Love Yourself 2. These four tracks give you a glimpse of why Phora can be a superstar in the emo-rap lane that is very popular today. The song Love Yourself, which is a very relatable track because Phora questions himself about the same things we ask about ourselves. Things, like if we’re worth the space we are given if people love us, how can we learn to love our imperfections, and many more.

The lane Phora is in is perfect for the content he has. Phora is at his best when he is vulnerable. His ability to show that he goes through the same issues as his fans makes his music that much more heartfelt and meaningful to his fans. This project can be a huge turning point in his career trajectory, from bubbling artist to star. You can stream the album on all music platforms.

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