Supernatural: Witch’s Canyon – Paranormal Action with a light Supernatural Coating

By: Corey Lack

Witch’s Canyon was another book taking place in the Supernatural universe and describing another “untold adventure” of the Winchester brothers. Even though it is written by Jeff Mariotte, instead of Keith R.A. DeCandido, who wrote the previous book, Nevermore, it is a direct sequel to the aforementioned book with a brief mention appearing in the early pages of this book. This story has the brothers investigating a series of killings that start up every forty years in a secluded part of Arizona.

I have to say, as I was reading through this one, I really didn’t think I was reading a Supernatural book. It lacked pretty much all of the charm and humor of the light parts, of which there was very little, and the heart-pounding drama of the dark parts. Minor characters were introduced for the sole purpose of killing them in a brutal and bloody fashion. They could get away with doing this once in a single book, but this happens four times. Four! Then, there was the constant reference to how their mother died. I counted at least five times in two chapters back to back and I don’t mean something a sentence of “when their mom died” or something like that. I mean explicit detail on how she died, which wouldn’t be a big deal, if this wasn’t a book based off a preexisting canon so the readers are already well aware of how she died and it didn’t happen so many times.

Honestly, even how the brothers were written was rather lackluster. Take out the multiple references to their mother’s death and change their names and you’d have the exact same story. There was nothing in this book that made it seem like it was Sam and Dean going through it.

So, Witch’s Canyon, kinda appropriate title. A beginning, an end, and not much to say about what was between them. If you’re a Supernatural fan and are looking for something to read, I’d recommend something else. Seriously. I’d give it 3 obvious final battle locations out of 10.

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