Castle In The Sky (1986) – I Watched The English Dub

I just want to get it out of the way. I watched the English dub. I don’t care if the Japanese dub is better. I’m a dumb American. Sometimes I just want to watch a movie, not read one. Plus, the DVD copy of the movie I found at my Dad’s house is only in English.

However, whether you watch the movie in English or Japanese, this movie is full of what everyone loves about Studio Ghibli. Whimsical settings and beautiful animation.

Audiences of all nationalities love animated movies with whimsical settings. In that regard, Castle in the Sky (1986) does not disappoint. Castle in the Sky is about Sheeta and Pazu, two orphans, who go an an adventure to discover the mythical floating city of Laputa. Taking place in a world of flying machines and cities, this movie is pretty whimsical. The flying machines of the world make no sense, but the movie doesn’t care, and neither do I. Oh? This rock has magical powers? Makes sense to me! Time to go on a quest I suppose. Spells are real and you’re introducing this concept over an hour into the movie? Sure. Pirates led by an old lady are trying to kidnap you? Makes sense to me. I love it when movies just throw the audience into the world as wacky as this and make no effort to explain its wackiness. It makes the movie, as a whole, a lot of fun. But, the animation is where this movie shines.

Studio Ghibli movies… Come because that weird friend you have won’t stop saying how good they are, stay because the animation is gorgeous. I wasn’t an art major or anything, so I don’t know how exactly to explain what makes the animation beautiful, but I just know it is. When the main characters fly through the air and the wind is whipping through their hair and clothes, the animation looks incredible. There is a giant killer robot at one point in the movie and the animation some how makes it look both terrifying and weirdly adorable. It’s simply incredible.

I know this isn’t really a good review. I don’t know enough about animation to fully and accurately describe how incredible this movie is. But, I also don’t know how to describe paintings but I usually know a good one when I see it.

I give Castle In The Sky 9 out of 10 on the animation alone. Do your self a favor and watch it.

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