This Woman Cooks Steak Using a Toaster

These Household Appliances Can Apparently Cook A Great Steak

When it comes to waking up in the morning, the toaster is a very nifty kitchen appliance. It’s perfect for toasting bread, waffles, English muffins, and toaster strudels. However, in the case of toasting raw steak; not so much. However, on the app sensation known as “TikTok”, this practice appears to be the norm for some people, including a user named Itsmeju1iette who claims to do this on the daily.

In the video, Itsmeju1iette captioned the video, “Cooking Steak for my Boyfriend” and claims she knows how to cook steak. She is then shown placing two uncooked pieces of meat in a toaster on a medium heat setting. She waits until the outside of the pieces of meat are brown and crisp and then takes them out. She finally tops off the “cuisine” by slathering it in barbecue sauce with the inside of the meat still raw. Yeah, Gordon Ramsay would have her in an early grave, that’s for sure!

It should come as no surprise that there are many problems with cooking steak using a toaster. First, steak is full of grease and fat, so the toaster could easily catch on fire when the grease starts dripping into the toaster. Also, according to the CDC, consuming uncooked beef has a 55% chance of catching E. Coli poisoning because the substances that create food poisoning have not evaporated. While raw meat may be okay to feed dogs, consuming raw meat can also lead to Salmonella, Shigella, and MSRA in humans.

Safe to say, the video left meat lovers appalled and even offended. Certainly, we recommend not to try this at home. Nonethless, the video received over 1.6 million views due to its bizarre nature and people desiring to see the results (because they’re smart enough not to try it themselves). It goes to show how desperate people can be for views. Here are some comments and the reviews on the video:

“Everything is wrong, toaster, the way she’s eating it, all that damn steak sauce”, wrote one commentator

“Nice way to burn the outside and still get salmonella”, wrote another

“Not only did you use a toaster, but you drowned it in steak sauce. Disgusting and disturbing”, wrote another

“Not gonna lie. You deserve jail time.” wrote another

Even readers of the Daily Meal added their input: “What a horrible way to treat a steak. Both in the way she ‘cooked’ it and then, add insult to injury, covered it with steak sauce. What’s the point in eating steak, then? Salt, pepper, and butter. Done.”

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