Are You Delivering The 4C’s To Your Clients?

Are you delivering the 4 C’s to your audience?

In order to build your brand, have a huge following, and make a profit in your business. You have to always give out the 4 C’s.

Consistency, Clarity, Content, and Connecting

The 4 C’s, used strategically, will make your business BOOM! Let’s dig right in!


I know you have heard so much about consistency, but the hype is true. You will have a successful business if you stay consistent. Being consistent will make it easy to run your business. Having a plan, following a schedule of how many times you post on social media, running ads, etc. will all build up credibility for your business. Consistency builds trust. Your audience will know they can count on you. You are reliable. You are showing up every day for them.

They look to you for the answers and information. They come to you because they know you will be there every time. You are educating them consistently, so they know you will have the answer. They will follow your email lists. Buy your books. Order your products.

Set a schedule. Schedule your posts. Your newsletters. Your videos. And stick to it! Say you post a video every Sunday on your Youtube channel. Don’t defer from that. Your audience will be looking for your video every Sunday. They will rely on it. They know you will be on and have new information for them. This will build up a fabulous reputation for your business.

Trust in business is everything! Once you gain that trust. Your business will reach heights you only dreamed of!


Effective communication is significant to your business. Not having clarity in your message can cause confusion, mistakes, unhappy customers, and poor reviews. Make sure your words are clear, easy to read, and understandable. Sentences are grammatically correct. Documents are formatted for easy reading and using words that the customers understand.

I have tried to order clothing from some online boutiques and just the ordering process was confusing! You do not want to lose customers because the message or instructions is not coming across clear.

Even when you are making website content, brochures, posts on social media; double check your work. Grammatical errors will have people not even take your business seriously. You don’t know the difference between “there” and “their” how are you going to handle their money?


Content, content content! Content is king! There are so many reasons why content is so essential in your business. Let’s run down a few!

  1. Content will substantiate your brand. Content will establish your business and get your name out there. The more content marketing strategies you use the more brand recognition you will gain.
  2. Digital marketing can increase conversion, which in turn will increase more sells! Ecourses, ebooks, blogs, social media, and podcasts will all drive more eyes to you. It will spread your brand like wildfire .
  3. Effective content will make you look like an expert. Creating content that defines your business will not only catch everyone’s attention, it will also build trust. Educating them on your expertise will drive them to come to you for your information. You want to be the go-to. The person to when they need data and facts, they flock to your pages, books, blog, etc.
  4. Content writing is a consequential factor in search engine optimization. SEO is bringing in free and organic website traffic to your content by using search engines. Most customers use Google, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, and other search engines to research everything. By using relevant key words in your content, they can easily find you.


Connection with your audience/customers is key. Connecting with them will have you in tune to their wants and needs. In turn, you will give them what they are looking for. The power of emotion will drive people to buy from you. Hang on to your every word. Again, people buy off of emotion. Triggering an emotional response makes people take action to buy your products, read your blogs, follow your Youtube channel. Give them all the feels!

Let’s call it emotional marketing. If you can make your audience feel something, you will be successful.

Connect through experiences and stories and not just your product. Be honest and genuine. People love authenticity. Authenticity will make you successful!

Following the 4C’s will have your brand well known and make you very successful. People do not want to be sold to. If you give your audience the 4C’s, they will give you success!

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