Thanksgiving DIY Décor

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we are all in a rush to make those sides and invite family that are close, safe and virtual. Here are some simple DIY décor that can give your thanksgiving table a sight to behold that your relatives will be raving about.

Hand Drawn plates

The items you will need for this décor at glass plates, oil-based paint markers and nail polish remover. First you will use the oil-based paint markers to draw any type of design onto your plate. It can be thanksgiving theme or even holiday themed plates, get creative. You will use the nail polish remover to remove any residue or mismarks on your plate. Next, place the plates in a cold oven and heat it to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, bake forty-five minutes. Once finished let them cool completely in the oven.

Natural Nut Wreath

 What you will need are glue sticks, hot glue gun, scissors, burlap ribbon, mixed nuts with shells on, sealer and foam wreath. First, you wrap wreath in burlap and hot glue in place. Next, you hot glue the mixed nuts onto wreath all around; make sure to cover every crevice. Finally, you spray the wreath with sealer. This can be the center piece at your table or hung on the wall or door.

Thanksgiving center piece

The items for this DIY are chalkboard paint, large oval platter, paintbrush, and chalk. Begin by applying the first coat of chalkboard paint onto the center of your oval platter. Keep in mind it can be any color of your choice, let it dry and add a second coat. Use chalk to write on platter and make a nice appealing design with any words you want.

Adorable Turkey Cup

The items you will need are pieces of construction paper, a paper cup, googly eyes, brown paint, and small package of either red or brown yarn. Paint the paper cup brown all over and let that dry. While the paint dries, grab bundle of string and make it into a nice ball (tie any loose string pieces around the string)  gather it all up and cut it into small pieces and tie it around so it looks like a ball with texture.  With pieces of construction paper (use any colors you want, if traditional use red, yellow, orange and brown) draw a feather onto the pieces of construction paper. Cut each piece out of each piece of paper and then fold them in half so they can look like feathers. Flip the cup upside down, the bottom facing the top, and hot glue the ball on top. Next, you will hot glue the feather pieces behind the cup and make sure they stick out behind the ball of string. Layer the feathers behind each other and spread them out like an actual turkey would. Next, get more construction paper and draw two feet and cut those out, followed by hot gluing them to the bottom of the upside-down cup and place them in the front. Cut out a large triangle of construction paper and fold it to make the beak and hot glue it to the ball of string and apply the googly eyes on the ball of string. Lastly draw a tear drop design on red construction paper and cut it out and put it under the beak as the wattle of the turkey.

I hope these last-minute décor ideas spruce up your Thanksgiving holiday. Have a safe, virtual, and loving Thanksgiving.

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