The Story Behind The Viral “Barbie” Beach House


In the past few years, various memes featuring three adjacent beach houses have stormed the internet. People have used photos of the houses to compare everyone and everything from Lana Del Rey and Melanie Martinez to Marvel’s Thor movies. The pink and purple “Barbie” house, named after the plastic fashionista, has become the most popular in the trio, even sparking rumors that Barbie creator Ruth Handler lived there in the past.

The viral houses sitting on the California coastline.

The “Barbie” beach house was part of a set of three pastel houses nicknamed the “Sherbet Homes” on Palisades Beach Road in Santa Monica, California. As reported by Locale, realtor Victoria Risko sold two of the houses in 2006 and the new owners renovated the houses with neutral colors, leaving just the pink and purple house we know today.

The original trio of Sherbet Homes.

Funnily, the inside of the house is fairly neutral for a home with such a bright exterior. A Zillow listing displays beachy, calming colors and furniture throughout the multi-million dollar house. The only vibrant shades shown appear on the rooftop patio, which features a continuation of the pink exterior paint. 

Though the house might not have neon decor or ties to Ruth Handler, Barbie fans have fallen in love with the home, even creating dollhouse replicas and taking trips to visit


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