Twitch Doesn’t Care about the Disabled

Twitch recently had the “woke” idea of removing the tag “blind playthrough” … This is just fucking stupid! I know there’s more mature ways to express the ridiculousness of this, but no. Sometimes things are just bluntly fucking stupid!

Twitch claims that they were receiving criticism from the disabled community over the “ableist” language. First off, I don’t even believe that’s true. Maybe I’m not in the oppression loop, but as a blind person myself, I never once was offended by the term “blind playthrough”. At first, I was a little confused by the term since there are gamers who do play games blindfolded, which to me would make more since calling those blind playthroughs, but regardless. The term “blind playthrough” simply just means a person is experiencing the game for the first time “going in blind”. Maybe, if the tag said something like “blind and helpless playthrough” then yeah, I would say that’s ableist and I would have a problem with that.

I’m ashamed of the disabled community if they’re actually triggered over the term “blind playthrough”. I’m all for basic levels of PC and using language that’s not directly meant to insult someone, but this is just too far. There are much bigger issues in the gaming community, and media in general, that need to be addressed. Have you seen Detective Pikachu? Yeah, that was some ableist bullshit, but that’s for a different article. Wasting time on mundane language that carries no negative connotation just makes the disabled community look bad. Saying that “blind playthrough” carries negative connotation is no different than saying “disabled” has a negative connotation. The words are not the problem, it is how people perceive these words, and I honestly don’t believe that using a term such as “blind” in any way reflects poorly on the blind community if there is no ill intent or signs of belittlement in these terms.

Of course, there is ableist language, and I feel that people use this language only because they are ignorant and not trying to be harmful. Personally, I get annoyed when people refer to my cane as a “stick”. I’m not going to ban people from calling it a “stick” but I would inform them that its proper name is a cane. Having control over your own language gives you power while letting someone else dictate to you what things, especially assistive devices, are called, takes away your control.

Honestly, I think the CEOs at Twitch started all this just to jump on the “woke” band wagon and this leads to a much larger issue. Far-left Liberals try and pretend to be “woke” and understand different minorities, but at the end of the day, we are just animals at the zoo meant for their fascination. They fawn over us with great academic and cultural curiosity; “so, what’s it like being blind?”, “so, what’s it like being a black ah, I mean, African American man in the US?” and so on. The real issues are never addressed. Oh, they’ll add a disabled character in a TV show or movie just for a token, but they won’t give them any personality other than being “the disabled character”. When liberal politicians speak of how to help the disabled, all they can think of is more, and more, and more social security benefits. I mean, the liberals are better than the Right, which, let’s be honest, are pretty much bigoted racists; not all of them, but… come on.

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