Customer Stabs Employee Over Doughnuts

Why Dunkin' Donuts is Still Winning Breakfast Customers | QSR magazine

There is almost nothing better to wake up to in the morning than a coffee from Dunkin Donuts and perhaps a doughnut to go along with it. Especially in the opening hours, Dunkin Donuts serves their food and beverages fresh and warm, which is especially valuable for those living in the east coast today. With so many customers ordering coffee and doughnuts on the daily (about 3 million customers, according to their website), the business is bound to run out of doughnuts at some point. While most people are accepting of this fact, this customer from a Dunkin Donuts in Union City, Georgia did not take the news too well.

According to the footage shown by Dunkin Donut’s security cameras, an anonymous couple had initially placed an order inside the drive thru before returning to the shop later that day. Inside, the man and the employee could be seen brawling in the middle of the store. The man then pulled a knife and stabbed the 17 year old Dunkin Donuts employee in her upper arm. In the surveillance footage, the man could be heard uttering profanity and could be seen assaulting the employee along with another employee who tried to stop the confrontation before taking her away from view in the security cameras. According to the police, the man was angry because the establishment ran out of a certain doughnut.

According to Officer Jerome Turner, “They both engaged in a physical dispute between each other and once that happened then he, of course, pulled a knife.” The problem is that the suspect fled the scene before officials arrived; now, police are urging anyone with information on the attack to contact the police department at 770-964-1333 with a $5000 reward. “We want to identity who the subject is”, Turner explains, “because we just don’t want him showing up at another Dunkin Donuts or any other business or anywhere in public and having the temper where he can make this kind of assault.”

According to Dunkin Donut’s spokesperson Michael Vale, “At Dunkin’, the safety and well-being of our guests, franchises, and restaurant employees is a top priority. We are aware of the incident that took place at the Dunkin’ restaurant located in Union City, Georgia. The franchisee, who independently owns and operates this restaurant, informs us that he is cooperating with the local authorities. As this is an ongoing question, we defer any additional questions to the police.” America may run on Dunkin, but some people just run a bit too hard, it seems.

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